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Thomas J. Henry Works with Texas Lawmakers to Protect the Privacy of All Texas Citizens

Author Jarod Cassidy

AUSTIN, Texas (July 31, 2015)--Thomas J. Henry recently worked aside Texas lawmakers to close a loophole which allowed anyone to access accident reports. Under old legislation, complete strangers and potential identity theives could pull multiple accident reports at a time, giving them access to an alarming amount of personal information.

In addition to information about the accident, reports taken by police also include the personal information of individuals involved. This includes:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Driver’s license number

None of this information is redacted when an accident report is requested and obtained.

Under the new legislation, made effective June 18, access to accident reports is limited to those directly involved in the accident and their legal representatives. This restricted access means your personal data is better protected, significantly reducing the risk of identity theft.

While you might not realize it, identity theft can occur if a thief obtains your driver’s license number. In fact, the Identity Theft Resource Center in San Diego states that identity thieves commonly stage auto accidents in order to get this information.

If paired with additional information exposed in another identity breach, such as those recently experienced by Target and Home Depot, the identity thief would be able to open new lines of credit under your name, apply for housing, and even access your bank accounts and medical records.

Experts point out that information obtained from large breaches is commonly shared and sold though online black markets. As such, combining the bits of information is not only plausible – it is also relatively easy.



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Thomas J. Henry Featured in San Antonio Business Journal

Author Susan Harr

Thomas J. Henry Featured in San Antonio Business Journal

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (July 31, 2015) -- Thomas J. Henry was recently featured in the San Antonio Business Journal in an article titled "Giving Back Integral Part of National Law Firm's Identity." In the article, published July 24, 2015, Thomas J. Henry discusses local economics, legal industry trends, and the importance of giving back.

In his interview with the Business Journal, Mr. Henry commented on the impact of the Eagle Ford Shale Play on the local economy as well as his predictions regarding litigation trends in the coming months and years. Mr. Henry stated he expects the steady rise in pharmaceutical litigation to continue and predicts more activity in the area of auto recall litigation. The firm currently leads the country in representation of GM Ignition Switch Recall victims and also represents a number of clients injured by exploding Takata airbags. Mr. Henry also spoke on the topic of giving back, explaining that when it comes to charitable works, “It’s relative to being a good steward and a partner in the community.” Thomas J. and Azteca Henry recently made a $350,000 donation to Childsafe San Antonio to produce an online child abuse prevention training program for educators.

Thomas J. Henry is the founder of Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys, a national litigation firm with 27 years of experience representing victims of catastrophic accidents. The firm has offices throughout Texas and represents clients in nearly every state in the country. The firm has been recognized for its record-breaking verdicts, most recently receiving national recognition for obtaining the #1 Back Injury Verdict and #1 Neck Injury Verdict of 2014.

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A Memorial Day Message from Thomas J. Henry

Author Jarod Cassidy

Hello everyone,

Memorial Day is a day to celebrate being an American, a holiday to spend with family and friends. But it is also much more than that- it is an opportunity to remember those who fought bravely for our country and who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. 
As Memorial Day approaches, I want to personally thank every one of you who has served, or whose spouse or family member has served, in the military. Memorial Day is a time to remember our fallen and to thank all who have served and sacrificed for our country. 

As Americans, we owe our liberty and freedom to those who fight bravely on our behalf…and we owe the greatest debt of gratitude to those who never make it home. This weekend’s celebration is dedicated to those heroes. Let’s all take a moment to remember our fallen service members and their families.

Celebrate safely and enjoy and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

-Thomas J. Henry

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