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A Memorial Day Message from Thomas J. Henry

Author Jarod Cassidy

Hello everyone,

Memorial Day is a day to celebrate being an American, a holiday to spend with family and friends. But it is also much more than that- it is an opportunity to remember those who fought bravely for our country and who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. 
As Memorial Day approaches, I want to personally thank every one of you who has served, or whose spouse or family member has served, in the military. Memorial Day is a time to remember our fallen and to thank all who have served and sacrificed for our country. 

As Americans, we owe our liberty and freedom to those who fight bravely on our behalf…and we owe the greatest debt of gratitude to those who never make it home. This weekend’s celebration is dedicated to those heroes. Let’s all take a moment to remember our fallen service members and their families.

Celebrate safely and enjoy and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

-Thomas J. Henry

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Thomas J. Henry Teams Up with ChildSafe for Child Abuse Prevention Month

Author Jarod Cassidy

Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys is partnering with ChildSafe to raise child abuse awareness in the San Antonio area as part of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

A staggering 5,434 cases of child abuse and neglect were confirmed in Bexar County last year alone. It is also estimated that only 1 in 10 sexually abused children reports their abuse, meaning that the actual number of child abuse instances is much higher.

ChildSafe recently unveiled their “Cardboard Kids” campaign in which businesses, community members, and families across San Antonio were asked decorate 2-foot tall child-shaped cardboard cutouts – each cutout represented one of the thousands of children who are abused or neglected in Bexar County every year.

Upon Reveal Day, April 9, the “Cardboard Kids” were put on display with messages meant to raise child abuse awareness and encourage active participation in child abuse prevention.

Thomas J. Henry is now working with ChildSafe on a televised campaign which will consist of several public service announcements featuring calls-to-action by Bexar County’s most influential residents.

ChildSafe recently announced that it had received a generous donation of $350,000 from the Henry family which will be used to train educators across the state on how to identify, report, and prevent child abuse.

“We’re happy to help support ChildSafe initiatives during Child Abuse Prevention Month and all year long,” said Mr. Thomas J. Henry. 

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ChildSafe Announces $350,000 Donation from Mr. and Mrs. Henry

Author Staff Writer

ChildSafe recently announced a generous donation by Azteca and Thomas J. Henry totaling $350,000 – the largest individual donation ChildSafe has ever received.

In a newsletter, ChildSafe stated that the 2014 donation will allow for the design and establishment of a new web-based training meant to help teachers and school employees recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect.

Currently, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) requires that all school employees complete such trainings once a year. By moving the training to an easy-to-access web-based model, ChildSafe is providing the teachers and staff with a more convenient means of completing the training.

ChildSafe is in the process of introducing the new program to 81 independent school districts and charter schools which employee more than 60,000 teachers and staff. The organization released their first training video, Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse, earlier this year.

“I am extremely pleased with ChildSafe’s work in and around San Antonio ,” said Mr. Thomas J. Henry. “Child abuse is a major problem in Bexar County and one that needs to be addressed. It is our responsibility as a community to take action and work to ensure the safety of our children.” 

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