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Video Captures New Jersey Home Explosion

Author Jasmine Roziers

According to FOX News, video footage has been released showing a New Jersey home explosion that injured 15 people on Tuesday.

Details of the New Jersey Gas Explosion

Police say that neighbors in Stafford Township complained that they smelled an egg-like odor coming from the house, before the explosion.

The house was being renovated when police, and firemen had to ask people to evacuate the home and about 100 nearby homes.

People were evacuated about 50 feet away from the home when it exploded. At least 15 people were injured in the explosion. Five of the injured people were Natural Gas employees.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the explosion.

About Gas Explosions

  • Gas explosions begin with a gas leak. As the leaked gas mixes with common chemicals such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, it becomes volatile.
  • Once reaching a critical ration between the Low Explosion Limit and High Explosion Limit, the mixture becomes ignitable.
  • Common causes for gas leaks include:
    • Faulty piping
    • Poorly maintained piping
    • Damaged meters and regulators
    • Defective control valves and connectors
    • Digging near an existing pipeline.

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Actor Ben Woolf Killed in Pedestrian Accident

Author Emaan Elahi

According to KIII-TV, 34-year-old Ben Woolf from "American Horror Story" died after being struck by a vehicle side mirror.

Details of the Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Officials state the 4-foot-4 actor sustained critical injuries after being struck by a vehicle mirror as he walked along a Los Angeles street.

Following the incident, Woolf was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was later declared dead.

The motorist involved was stopped at the scene but was not cited or arrested. Woolf was remembered as a cast member on the FX show “American Horror Story.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

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Wrong-Way Collision on the Rise in Texas

Author Jarod Cassidy

Traffic data released by the Texas Department of Transportation indicates wrong-way crashes are on the rise in Texas.

13 Percent Increase Over Past Year

An investigation of Texas traffic data by News 5 Investigates found that the number of wrong-way collisions increased by 13 percent last year, illustrating a deadly trend.

The report went on to say that at least 269 people were killed and 2,800 people were injured in wrong-way collisions over the past four years.

Further complicating the issue is the fact that Texas appears to be falling in initiating preventive measures when compared to other states.

Lowering “Wrong Way” Signs

One measure being taken across the country is the lowering of “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs.

For nearly a decade, the Texas Transportation Institute suggested such measures to decrease the number of alcohol-related and late-night wrong-way collisions. The reasoning behind this is that driver, especially when intoxicated, are less likely to look at elevated signs than signs that are at eye level.

Further, data collected by California shows that this simple measure can have astounding results. After lowering signs in the 1970s, California saw that wrong-way ramp entries were nearly eliminated.

Similar result have been seen on the Dallas North Tollway where wrong-way entries on ramps with lower signs have dropped by nearly 75 percent over the past three years.

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