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Child Sexual Abuse – Revictimization

Author Jarod Cassidy

One of the most tragic aspects of child sexual abuse is the fact that sexually abused children are at a drastically increased risk of being victims of molestation and rape later in life than children who were not abused.

This is called revictimization.

Revictimization Statistics

According to Victims of Crime, children who were victims of rape or attempted rape during adolescence are 13.7 times more likely to experience rape or attempted rape during their first year of college than the general population.

Additional research suggests that two out of every three sexually abused victims will be revictimized at some point in their life.

With statistics as alarming as these, it is clear that we have failed to enact appropriate measures to prevent revictimization. As such, researchers have begun to work to better understand the root causes of victimization.

By understanding the root causes of revictimization, we can begin to work towards curbing the epidemic and sparing past victims from future crimes.

Why Does Revictimization Occur?

Healthcare experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, and even child abuse victims themselves have all sought to determine why the phenomenon of revictimization occurs – why is a child who was sexually abused more likely to be abused again later in life.

Some researchers assert that children who are abused may never have learned to create safe and appropriate boundaries. Such an inability is not their fault, but the product of a damaged self image.

Further, multiple studies show that victims of all kinds of child abuse may be compelled to re-enact their previous trauma. Such behavior is not based on a desire to be revictimized, but rather a hope by the victim that they may experience a different, better outcome, potentially regaining a sense of control that was lost during their initial abuse.

A final aspect that contributes to revictimization is termed traumatic bonding. This occurs when an abused child becomes reliant on the person who committed their abuse. This is due to the perpetrator of the abuse convincing the victim that they are the only ones who can give them a sense of specialness or being loved. Traumatic bonding is also associated with victims of spousal abuse.

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Two Killed at Dangerous Cherokee County Intersection

Author Cordes Crawford

A crash in Cherokee County, Texas killed two Stephen F. Austin State University students on Monday.

About the Fatal Accident

FA students Qudus Jacobs and Chikosolu Ughanzee were both killed Monday in a two vehicle accident when their vehicle failed to yield right-of-way at the intersection of Highways 110 and 204.

Unfortunately, law enforcement knows it won't be the last time an accident occurs at the deadly Ponta Community intersection. Law Enforcement officers say major accidents there are extremely common with one or two occurring every month.  

State trooper Steven Crosby said his supervisors held a meeting with the Texas DOT, who looked at whether or not an overpass might help; however, reports indicated the project would be a million-dollar undertaking that would require state funding, which is extremely unlikely to happen.

Currently, a series of warning signs and flashing lights indicating who has right-of-way and who must stop are posted. To decrease accidents at the intersection, authorities are urging motorists to pay attention and refrain from texting or using their phone while driving.

Texas Auto Accident Attorney

  • The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recorded 3,377 traffic related deaths in 2013 – roughly one death every 2 hours and 16 seconds.
  • 767 of those deaths were attributed to collisions that occurred at or in relation to an intersection.
  • Another 232,041 people were injured in auto accidents with 89,270 people suffering serious injury.
  • TxDOT estimates a reportable crash occurred every 71 seconds in 2013.

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Cycle Gear Recalls Toys for Unsafe Lead Levels

Author Liana DeMasi

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 155 Cycle Gear semi-truck and motorcycle toys are being recalled because they contain more lead than the federal standard allows.

Cycle Gear Inc. is encouraging consumers to remove the toys from their homes and to contact them for a full refund.

About the Cycle Gear Recall

The recall affects 155 semi-truck and motorcycle toys sold between November and December of 2014. The products were sold at Cycle Gear retail stores and through the company’s online website.

Consumers can contact Cycle Gear Stores by either calling (800) 292-5343 or by visiting their website

No injuries have been reported at this time.

Description of the Recalled Toys

  • The semi-trucks are red and purple and the motorcycles are multicolored.
  • Item number TAG66767 and SKU number 752249 are on the packaging and were sold for $20.
  • The Wheelies push-around motorcycle which includes a rider is also being recalled.
  • The push-around motorcycle is red while the rider is wearing a black and silver outfit.
  • The push-around motorcycle item number is TBG04323 and SKU number is 752251 and they were sold for $10. 

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