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One Dead, Two Rescued after Boat Sinks in Copano Bay

Author Tina Robinson

On Sunday, July 27, a man died and two people had to be rescued after their boat sank in Copano Bay, located near Rockport, Texas, according to Kiii TV 

About the Copano Bay Boat Accident

According to the Coast Guard, around 9:30am they received a distress call alerting them to a sinking boat. Three passengers onboard the boat were forced to abandon it when the boat sank shortly after sending out the SOS call. Rescue crews were sent from the Coast Guard, including a Station Port Aransas rescue boat and a Sector/Air Station Corpus Christi MH-65 Dolphin rescue helicopter. The helicopter arrived on the accident scene promptly, and found two people, a 52-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl, climbing into a platform in the bay. Another person, a 51-year-old male, was found floating in the water without any sign of consciousness. The helicopter took the girl and the unresponsive man to the hospital. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital despite the CPR he received aboard in the helicopter. The third passenger was not injured.   

Boat Accident Statistics

The following information is provided by Insurance News Net:

  • Of all boats that sink, about 69% of the boats sink while at the dock or mooring; about 31% sink while out of port. 
  • Of all the boats that sink at the dock/mooring, 39% occur due to the malfunction of a small part worn down by use. 
  • Of all the boats that sink out of port, about 43% occur because the boat hits something. 

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GE Healthcare Recalls Airway Modules, Accessories

Author Tina Robinson

GE Healthcare, LLC has recently issued a Class I medical device recall for its single-width airway modules, accessories, and extension modules due to a risk of serious injury or death.

About the GE Healthcare Airway Module Recall

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these products could fail to properly detect C02 levels in patients on mechanical and spontaneous ventilators. If this happens, doctors may make decisions that can lead to serious injury or death based off of the incorrect C02 values. GE Healthcare says it is unaware of any injuries or deaths linked to the defect.

Description of the Recalled Airway Modules

  • The single-width airway modules (E-miniC) have serial numbers that range from 6818561 through 6898777.
  • The extension modules N-FC and N-FREC have serial numbers that range from 6799191 through 6905206.
  • The serial number is located on the device plate attached to the module.
  • The recalled devices were manufactured between Feb 10, 2012 and Oct 2, 2012, and distributed between Feb 2012 and April 2014.

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Fatal Adirondack Mountains Crash

Author Mary Wolff

A collision between a truck and a car resulted in two deaths, as well as serious injuries suffered 11-year-old girl in Ray Brook, NY on Thursday. The incident occurred on Route 86 outside of Adirondack Park Agency offices near the mountains of the same name.  

Details of the Adirondack Fatal Accident

Several news outlets are reporting that the accident was caused by a reckless man who was fleeing from state police. The alleged suspect was involved in a previous hit-and-run crime and became involved in a police pursuit. The man slammed his truck into a car carrying a family of three. The impact on the unsuspecting car killed a man, 42, and his wife, 38, and left their 11-year-old daughter undergoing surgeries for multiple injuries at a nearby hospital. The driver of the truck did not suffer any injuries and was apprehended by police.

Police Pursuits Risky for All Involved

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) offers some somber statistics on the dangers of police pursuits.

  • In the U.S., one person dies daily due to a police pursuit.
  • The FBI reports that one law enforcement officer died in a pursuit at least every 11 weeks during the time of the study of such statistics.
  • 42% of all victims in police pursuit deaths are innocent bystanders, such as this family.

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