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Combination Diabetes Treatment Drug Proves Dangerous

Author Danielle Dougall

The Type 2 Diabetes drug Farxiga (dapagliflozin) was approved for patient treatment in the UK in 2012 and in the U.S. in January 2014. This drug is one of the most deadly diabetes treatment drugs that have been approved within the last four years.

About the Risk of Farxiga

Prior to the approval of Farxiga in the UK and Europe, documents released to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a panel meeting in 2011 raised concerns over its side effects.

Among the possible side effects are: liver and heart damage, breast cancer, bladder cancer, genital-urinary infections, severe kidney impairment, and bone fractures. In addition, there have been claims that the drug is not very effective.

More about Farxiga

The pharmaceutical drug company AstraZenecea spent a great deal of funding in order to approve Farxiga. To get it approved, they combined it with another Type 2 Diabetes Drug, metaformin. The combination of these drugs was given a new name, Xigduo XR.

Metaformin (used on its own) can cause a lethal condition called “lactic acidosis.” The new drug Xigduo XR label contains a warning label on this risk and can cause a life-threatening condition called “lactic diosis.” Lactic diosis is caused by an accumulation of lactic acid in the bloodstream, making people feel tired, uncomfortable, and have stomach pain.

According to the FDA, the medication Xigduo works to eliminate excess glucose in urine but also acts as a diuretic, sometimes causing such a severe dehydration that one’s blood pressure would drop and they would faint. 

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WHO Report – 40 People Drown Every Hour

Author Jarod Cassidy

The World Health Organization (WHO) is trying to bring attention to what it calls a “neglected public health issue,” revealing that an average of 40 people die every hour from drowning.

WHO Releases Drowning Report

According to Scientific American, the WHO has published a report representing the first global snapshot of the frequency and causes of unintentional drowning.

The report concluded that an every of 372,000 people die every year from drowning – roughly one death every 90 seconds.

The reports also noted that men were twice as likely to drown as women, and more than 90 percent of drowning deaths occurred in low- to middle-income nations.

According to the WHO, drowning remains a largely neglected issue, despite the alarming frequency at which drowning occurs. The WHO also noted that how a victim is treated at the scene of a drowning “almost exclusively” determines the victim’s chances of survival.

U.S. Drowning Statistics

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1 Dead, Several Injured Following Dallas Police Chase

Author Jarod Cassidy

One person is dead and several others are injured following a police chase that ended in a multi-vehicle collision at a Dallas intersection Tuesday evening.

Details of the Fatal Dallas Collision

CBS-DFW reports that as many as seven cars were involved in the fatal crash at the intersection of Ferguson and Shiloh.

Reports indicate the chase began in Mesquite after authorities received a call concerning a possible drunk driver near Interstate 635 and Gross Road. A police officer responded to the scene and began to follow the vehicle; the chase began after the vehicle ran a red light at 635 and Ferguson.

The driver attempted to run another light at the intersection of Ferguson and Shiloh when he collided with several passenger vehicles. Multiple vehicles caught fire following the collision.

The driver and passenger in the suspect vehicle were transported to the hospital. Current reports indicate that at least one person was killed in the collision and several others were injured. The names of those involved have not been released.

Texas Auto Accident Statistics

  • According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), 3,377 people lost their lives in auto accidents in Texas in 2013.
  • 1,089 (32.2%) of those deaths were attributed to traffic collisions in which a driver was under the influence of alcohol.
  • 767 deaths were linked to crashes that occurred at or in relation to an intersection.
  • Another 232,041 people were injured in auto accidents in 2013, and 89,270 people sustained a serious injury.

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