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Man Killed in Jet Ski-Boat Collision in Florida

Author Tina Robinson

A collision between a Jet Ski and a boat on Thursday has left one Arkansas man dead, according to a report on Arkansas Matters.

About the Fatal Jet Ski Accident

On Thursday afternoon, Bryan McManus, 25 of Little Rock, Ark. died from injuries suffered in a collision with a boat. McManus was part of a group that had rented Jet Skis from Treasure Island Marina in Palm Beach City, Fla., said Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission authorities.

McManus was traveling in the direction of a boat when both he, and the boat captain, attempted to avoid colliding unsuccessfully. McManus was thrown from his Jet Ski along with a passenger on the boat. The boat captain was able to pull both men from the water and transported McManus to a boat ramp in St. Andrews State Park. Various people performed CPR on McManus, and paramedics transported him to Bay Medical Sacred Heart where he was pronounced dead.

Reports state the group was riding through Grand Lagoon, just off the shore of St. Andrews State Park when the accident happened. The fatal accident is under investigation and an autopsy is planned to determine the exact cause of McManus’s death.

Recreational Boating Accident Statistics

The U.S. Coast Guard reports a total of 4,062 recreational boating accidents in 2013 which resulted in 560 fatalities, 2,620 injuries, and roughly $39 million in property damage.  In instances where the cause of death was known, 77 percent of those fatalities were caused by drowning; of those victims, 84 percent were not wearing a life jacket at the time.

The most common types of vessels to be in accidents according to reports were: open motorboats (46%), personal watercraft (18%), and cabin motorboats (17%). Overalll, there are 11,993,067 recreational vessels registered in the U.S. as of 2013.

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Two Children Dead after Carjackers Run-Over Crowd in Philadelphia

Author Tina Robinson

Philadelphia police are offering a reward for the location of two suspected carjackers that ran into a crowd of pedestrians on Friday morning. Two children were killed by the vehicle.

About the Philadelphia Carjacker Accident

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that at about 11 a.m. on Friday police received a report of a woman being carjacked in north Philadelphia. The suspects, described as two males, drove the car about two miles to the intersection of Germantown Avenue and Allegheny Avenue where they plowed into a crowd of pedestrians.

Two victims, described only as juveniles, were pronounced dead at the scene. The report also says “several” other people were taken to a local hospital with critical injuries.

Philadelphia police are offering a $40,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the two suspects.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 4,743 pedestrians were killed in traffic-related accidents in 2012. That year, about 76,000 pedestrians were also injured in traffic-related crashes. Overall, pedestrian fatalities accounted for about 14 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2012.

A majority (73 percent) of pedestrian fatalities occurred in urban settings compared to rural settings. About 70 percent of fatal pedestrian fatalities occurred at non-intersections, and eighty nine percent occurred in normal weather conditions.

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Dream On Me High Chair Recall - Strangulation, Fall Hazard

Author Mary Wolff

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports Dream On Me has issued a recall for over 2,800 high chairs due to a strangulation and fall hazard. 

About the Dream On Me High Chair Recall

While no injuries have been reported, the potential for serious injury is overwhelming. The opening in the high chair where the legs rest has enough room to allow a child’s body to pass through. The child may become entrapped at the neck which could create a strangulation hazard. The gap in the opening also creates a fall hazard for children. The CPSC advises consumers to stop use immediately. Consumers can contact Dream On Me for a repair kit to ensure the high chair is safe for young children.

Description of Recalled High Chairs

Information is provided by CPSC.

  • The recall is specifically for Dream On Me Dinah high chairs. They are made with an open-framed base of steel and powder coated tubing. The chairs have white plastic foot grips and the seats have fabric that is either black with white trim or red with white trim. The recalled high chair has a white plastic tray and a white fabric adjustable safety strap.
  • “Dream On Me” is located on the front of the tray on a label.
  • There is a color-coordinated, depending on the color of the seat, fabric storage bin attached to the bottom of the chair.  
  • The high chair is a foldable model for easier storage.
  • The high chairs were sold at and beginning in November 2012 until November 2013. The chairs cost approximately $60.

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