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One Killed, Two Seriously Injured in Large Truck Accident

Author Jonathan Hernandez

One person was killed and two others were injured in an accident that involved a semi-truck and an SUV.

Details about the Fatal Semi-Truck Accident

CBS Local News in Detroit is reporting that police have reopened the ramps from interstate 75 and Interstate 96 that lead to Ambassador Bridge in Detroit after a fatal accident happened that involved a wrong-way driver.

According to Michigan State Police, the accident happened just before 4 a.m. on Friday on the ram of southbound Interstate 75 to Vernor Highway on the Ambassador Bridge Exit in Detroit.

Police further stated that an SUV was driving the wrong way on the Interstate 75 exit ramp while trying to re-enter the expressway, when the vehicle slammed head-on into a semi-truck. The passenger in the front seat of the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The driver of the vehicle and a passenger in the back seat were taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured in the accident.

According to police, alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the accident, which remains under investigation at this time.

Important Information about Accidents Involving Large Trucks

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are thousands of wrongful deaths of people involved in accidents with large trucks every year in the United States:

  • In 2013, there were a total of 3,964 people who were killed in accidents involving large trucks.
  • 71 percent of people killed in large truck collisions were the occupants of other vehicles at the time of the accident.
  • About 95,000 people were non-fatally injured in accidents involving large trucks in 2013.

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Snapchat Involved in Distracted Driving Lawsuit

Author Jonathan Hernandez

A recent lawsuit blames Snapchat for a crash that happened in Georgia.

Details about the Georgia Car Crash

The Verge is reporting that a young girl was attempting to capture the perfect Snapchat story when she caused an accident that happened on September 10, 2015. A recent lawsuit alleges that Snapchat’s “speed filter,” which allows users to display the speed at which they are travelling while taking the photo, encouraged reckless driving and can cause automobile accidents.

18-year-old Christal McGee was attempting to travel at speeds of over 100 miles per hour while using Snapchat’s speed filter and did not notice Wentworth Maynard’s vehicle to pull onto the Georgia highway that she was traveling on. At about 11:15 p.m., McGee hit Maynard’s vehicle at speeds of about 107 miles per hours on a portion of the road where the speed limit was listed at 55 miles per hour.

The lawsuit indicates that the speed filter on Snapchat facilitated McGee’s excessive speed because she was attempting to gain recognition through the app. Even after the accident happened, while McGee was in the hospital, she took to Snapchat to post a bloody-faced selfie, which she captioned with, “Lucky to be alive.”

Maynard, who was an Uber driver, stayed in the hospital for five weeks and now suffers from permanent brain damage. His attorneys say that Maynard lost 50 pounds, cannot get around without a wheelchair or walker, and cannot work or support himself. Both Maynard and his wife are suing McGee and Snapchat to cover medical bills.

Can Snapchat be Held Liable?

Before this accident even happened, several petitions were started online that called on Snapchat to remove the speed filter, but Snapchat refused. The lawsuit further suggests that despite knowledge of the dangers of the speed filter, Snapchat did not remove it from the app, and cites another accident that happened earlier in 2015 in Brazil in which a woman suffered from injuries that happened caused by a vehicle speeding along at 110 miles per hour.

Snapchat, however, does have an in-app warning about the dangers of using the app and filter while driving, saying that the user should not do anything to distract them from traffic and safety laws.

Important Information about Distracted Driving Accidents

According to an article in the Huffington Post, there are about nine wrongful deaths that happen every single day in the United States in accidents involving distracted driving:

  • In 2013, there were a total of 341,000 motor vehicle accidents that involved texting.
  • Using a cellphone while driving can increase the risk of being involved in an accident by as much as four times.
  • There is a one in four chance that a motor vehicle accident in the United States involved the use of a cellphone.

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Distracted Driving – Cellphone Use Leads to Lawsuit

Author Jonathan Hernandez

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month in the United States, and today on the blog, we take a look at another case involving someone being killed or injured by a distracted driver.

Details about the Distracted Driving Case

In March of 2008, a personal injury claim against the International Paper Company was brought forth by Debra Ford, who said that she was rear ended by employee Vanessa C. McGrogan, who was using a cellphone at the time of the accident.

McGrogan was allegedly using her company-supplied cellphone while she was driving west along Interstate 16 near Dublin when she collided with Ford’s vehicle. The impact of the collision caused Ford’s vehicle to overturn so that the driver’s side of the car hit and then slid along the side of the highway. Due to complications of the accident, Ford’s had to be amputated.

McGrogan’s legal counsel cited a Georgia cellphone statute that indicates that drivers are not to do anything that is “distracting.” The counsel pushed forward with a negligence claim against the driver who caused the accident on the part that the driver was on the phone at the time of the accident and an employee of International Paper.

Both sides of the case argued about whether or not the employee was on the phone at the time of the accident or not, but ultimately, International Paper agreed to pay $5.2 million in damages to resolve the allegations.

Important Information about Cellphone Use while Driving

According to an article in the Huffington Post, there are almost 10 wrongful deaths of Americans that are killed every day in the United States in distracted driving accidents:

  • Nine Americans are killed every day in the United States in accidents that involve drivers who are distracted by cellphones or other things.
  • There is a 25% chance that a traffic accident involved the use of a cellphone.
  • There were a total of 341,000 motor vehicle accidents in 2013 that involved texting.

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