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Trial Begins for Fatal 2013 Hit-and-Run

Author Jarod Cassidy

Nathanael Eddleman, 19, if facing a felony charge of failure to stop and render aid in a fatal accident that claimed the life of a Marine veteran in 2013.

Details of the Fatal Accident

According to KXAN, Phillip Duran was killed when he was struck by a vehicle driven by Eddleman, then 17, near the intersection of 1626 FM and Kohler’s Crossing in Kyle, Texas.

Eddleman admits to being distracted by his cell phone when the accident occurred. The prosecution claims Eddleman continued on his way to a friend’s house after the accident; however, the defense alleges Eddleman did not know he had struck Duran.

Police used debris and parts found at the scene of the accident to identify and locate Eddleman.

If convicted, Eddleman faces up to 10 years in prison.

Distracted Driving Statistics

The following information was provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • 3,328 people were killed and roughly 421,000 people were injured in auto accidents that involved a distracted driver in 2012.
  • NHTSA estimates that 10 percent of all fatal crashes and 18 percent of all injury crashes in 2012 involved distracted drivers.
  • In 2012, distracted driving resulted in the deaths of 540 nonoccupants, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

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IKEA Furniture Linked to Two Child Deaths

Author Mario Rosales

IKEA North America is announcing a repair program that includes a free wall-anchoring kit for their chests and dressers. 

The chests and dressers can pose a tip-over hazard that can result in serious injury and even death. With these free wall anchoring kits the dressers can be securely anchored to the wall

About the Tip-over Hazard

According the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), IKEA’s MALM Chests and Drawers pose a tip-over hazard that can cause serious injury If not secured properly to the wall. 

In February 2014, IKEA and the CPSC received a report that a 2-year-old boy from Pennsylvania died after a 6 drawer chest tipped over and fatally pinned him against his bed. IKEA and the CPSC have received 14 reports of tip-over incidents involving some of IKEA’s MALM Chests. 

The CPSC urges consumers to stop using all of IKEA’s children furniture including dressers and chests, unless they are properly secured to a wall.  The free wall anchoring kit should be used to secure MALM and other IKEA children furniture to the wall

Death and Injury Reports

  • A 2-year-old boy died after the MALM 6-drawer chest that is 48 3/8 inches high tipped over and fatally pinned the boy to his bed on February 2014
  • In June 2014, a 23-month-old child died after he became trapped underneath a 3-drawer, 30 ¾ inch high MALM Chest that tipped over.
  • Since 1989 IKEA is aware of 3 additional deaths and 4 injury reports that have occurred from tip-overs involving other models of IKEA chests and drawers.
Description of Tip-over Hazard and Repair Program

All the information below provided by the US CPSC:

  • IKEA is offering US consumers a wall anchoring repair kip for use with the MALM chests and drawers.
  • IKEA and the CPSC received 14 reports of tip-over incidents resulting in four injuries and five deaths since 1989
  • Tip-over incidents are occurring when the furniture isn’t properly secured to a wall posing a serious safety hazard.
  • The kit contains replacement tip-over restraints for use by any consumer who has not secured their IKEA chest or dresser.
  • The kit comes with the complete wall anchoring hardware, instructions, and warning labels to be affixed to the furniture.
  • The incidents involve MALM children’s chests and dresser taller than 23 ½ inches and adult chests and dressers taller than 29 ½ inches.
  • The MALM chests are part of that are part of the repair program, were sold in 2002. 

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2 Killed, 4 Injured When Semi Hits Motorcyclists

Author Camara Thomas

Two people are dead and at least four others were injured as a result of a tragic hit-and-run that occurred in North Carolina on Friday.

Details of the Fatal Accident

According to WXII News, the accident happened on Friday around 6:20 a.m. on southbound Interstate 73 near Business 85.

The driver of a semi-truck, Daniel Santiago, 34, had fallen asleep behind the wheel of his truck and crashed into a group of six motorcyclists as he ran off the road.

Santiago then continued to drive away from the accident – police later caught up to him and arrested him. It was suspected that he only stopped because he had a flat tire.

Arnie M. Morris, 37, and Kenneth N. Jefferson, 51, were both killed in the accident. The other four riders sustained injuries due to the incident.

Trucking Accident Statistics

The following information was provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • 3,921 people were killed in trucking accidents in 2012, marking a 4-percent increase from the 3,781 deaths recorded in 2011.
  • Of those killed in 2012:
    • 697 were occupants of large trucks
    • 2,843 were occupants of other vehicles
    • 381 were listed as non-occupants, such as pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • An additional 104,000 people were injured in trucking accidents in 2012, nearly a 20-percent increase from the previous year.

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