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Education Initiative

A Child's Success

Support and Encouragement from Community

As many people know, the success of a child relies not only on the textbooks he or she reads, but from the support their community gives them. As a native to Corpus Christi, Thomas J. Henry attributes much of his success to the South Texas community because of the encouragement he was given as a young adult. Now, because of that same encouragement, he is able to give back to his local community and to citizens throughout the United States.

A Laptop To Enhance Your Education

Thomas J. Henry began the Thomas J. Henry Education Initiative in February of 2010. This giveaway put laptops in the hands of two people each week throughout the year and we hope to continue this wonderful event in the future.

Give A Resource

The Education Initiative is not only about giving away a laptop; it is about giving away a resource. When you can give someone a means to an education, knowledge, or employment, you are giving them something they can have for a lifetime. That was and continues to be the goal of this initiative.

What Previous Winners Are Saying

Thank you so much for my laptop! I am going to enjoy it very much. This a wonderful early Christmas present for me.
Koby, Winner

I'm so happy with my laptop! Thank you so much! I really needed a laptop and to see my name on the list I almost didn't believe my eyes… I'm just so happy because I'm from a family of six and I just didn't know how I was going to get a laptop for school. Thanks to you I don't have to worry about that! Thank you so much!
Sarah, Winner

I cannot thank you enough for this fantastic gift I received. The laptop has helped me in many ways. I can now access the internet from pretty much any place I am located. My school work is easier to finish now that I can type my research papers and do research all at my convenience. Once again I wish to thank you for this laptop; it has done so much for me already.
Jordan, Winner

I am presently in a graduate program and the laptop came in handy for all the work levied on us. I have told several individuals about your program and I told them I am living proof that you just continue to register...don't give up. I thank you for your commitment to the community and upon graduation I will make a difference and ensure I carry on the same caring attitude you have for my community and the world we live in. Again, thanks a truly are making a difference in all our lives.
Samuel, Winner

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