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1 Dead, 1 Injured in Harris County Hit-and-Run

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Cydney Patterson1 year ago

Child Injury

In Harris County, Texas authorities have identified a young boy killed in a hit-and-run accident as five-year-old Jayden Aguilar. His brother three year old Jeremiah Aguilar was seriously injured.

Details of the Fatal Harris County Hit-and-Run

According to the Houston Chronicle, the incident happened Thursday night at around 8:45 pm. The authorities stated that both children were playing at Doss Park with an enclosed fence when a ball they had went over the fence.

When the ball went over the fence, the two children pushed open the bottom of the chain-link fence, managed to squeeze through the opening and went into the street to grab the ball. According to Sgt. S. Wolverton of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the driver of a red or orange pickup or possibly sport utility vehicle hit them when they were in the street. Witnesses stated that the vehicle may be a Chevrolet Avalanche.

After the incident Jeremiah was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital. Details of his injuries were not released, but deputies said he was in serious condition. Jayden died at the scene.

The driver of the vehicle did not stop after hitting the boy; however, investigators did find small pieces of the vehicle at the scene. Investigators hope they can get model numbers on the pieces to track down the vehicle and hopefully the driver.

If you have any information on the accident please call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

Hit-and-Run Statistics

  • Crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that the number of fatal hit-and-run crashes is trending upward, from 1,274 in 2009, to 1,393 in 2010, to 1,449 in 2011.
  • Perhaps more significantly, the 13.7% increase in hit-and-run deaths over that three-year period occurred while traffic deaths overall were falling 4.5%, from 33,883 in 2009 to 32,367 in 2011.
  • The administration also determined that about one in five of all pedestrian fatalities are hit-and-runs.
  • 60% of hit-and-run fatalities have pedestrians as victims.
  • In Texas, legislators moved to close a loophole that police officers said encouraged intoxicated drivers involved in crashes to flee the scene by making the penalty of leaving the scene of an accident equivalent to causing an accident while intoxicate.


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