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1 in 7 Hospital-Acquired Infections Are Due to Superbugs

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Maina Mehrotra2 years ago

One out of seven infections caught in hospitals are a result of ‘superbugs’, according to Fox News

Super Bacteria Resistant to Antibiotics

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the most common superbugs include the staph infection MRSA and five other bacteria resistant to many kinds of antibiotics.

Few of these superbugs have treatments to fight an infection in already sick patients. 

Breakdown of  Hospital Spread Infections Statistics

About 1 in 25 patients will suffer an infection received from a hospital, so officials are now working to keep infections in check, the CDC reports.

For their analysis, the CDC focused on infections linked to certain surgical procedures and the use of catheters in U.S. hospitals, from 2008 through 2014. They found that one out of seven infections caught in hospitals are a result of super germs.

Further, one in four infections occurred in specialized long-stay hospitals. Basically those are patients who have been at the hospital for a longer time, giving them a higher chance to be exposed. 

Fighting the Problem 

Around the 1940’s, antibiotics came into play and were quite effective. However, in recent years the antibiotics have stopped being as effective because of overuse and misuse. Health officials have been raising awareness about the issue for years.

The CDC’s director, Dr. Tom Frieden, said that fighting the problem requires more careful and judicious use of antibiotics, “Doctors are the key to stamping out superbugs”. 


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