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100 Million Vehicles Recalled in U.S. Since 2014

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Brooke Shroyer2 years ago

New reports indicate 100 million vehicles have been recalled in the United states since the beginning of 2014.  More alarming, the majority of these recalled vehicles have not yet been repaired. 

Most American Families Own a Recalled Car

In the year of 2014, there were 74.2 million vehicles recalled nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  So far, an additional 25 million vehicles have been recalled in 2015.

As claimed by the IHS Automotive reports, roughly 254.7 million vehicles are currently on U.S. roads.  This indicates that a standard family with 2 or more cars is likely to be driving one of the recalled vehicles. 

Takata airbags are currently at the center of the largest auto recall in history.   

GM Recall Delayed Recall for Nearly a Decade

In 2014, General Motors announced a recall regarding malfunctions with the ignition switches

Cars would abruptly shut off while occupants were inside, driving the vehicle.  A total of 104 deaths have been reported from the faulty ignition switches.  

With over one hundred passengers killed, GM kept the discovery of their faulty ignition switches in the dark for nearly a decade. GM employees delayed the announcement of this recall for years, up until last year.

Was brought to light, the ignition switch recall resulted in several congressional hearings and numerous lawsuits. GM has since initiated a Victims’ Compensation Fund program.

Recalled Vehicles Present Danger on the Road

CarFax spokesman Chris Basso states that most car owners never get their vehicles repaired.  A major concern is that there are approximately 60 million vehicles on the road today that have been recalled and have not been repaired. 

This not only endangers the passengers inside the recalled cars, but surrounding vehicles on the road as well. 

NHTSA has a free app for car owners to enter the Vehicle Identification Number to determine if their car has been recalled. Car owners can also check for recalls using through NHTSA's website.


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