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11-Year-Old Dead After Electrocuted While Swimming

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

According to reports, 11-year-old Lauren Cecil was electrocuted in a swimming pool at Brookside Swim Club in North Carolina after a electrical line fell in the parking lot, and the current somehow reached the water. Cecil was pronounced dead after she arrived at a hospital in Lexington, North Carolina.

Details of the Swimming Pool Accident

“When she grabbed the ladder, it looked like a big shock went through her,” – Club president Julie Rhodes to

Lauren was preparing for a swim meet with two team members when club president, Julie Rhodes, and others standing near heard the electric line snap. Rhodes and a lifeguard then begin calling for an evacuation of the pool not knowing if the line was still active.

Though the electric line fell in the parking lot, its current was diverted to the water. The two girls swimming with Lauren were able to climb out of the pull via the concrete sides; however, Lauren was electrocuted when she touched the metal ladder.

Rescue Efforts and Investigation

Efforts to remove Lauren from the pool were delayed as lifeguards continued to get shocked when they tried to reach Lauren. Once the electric current had weakened, they pulled her from the pool and conducted CPR for 10 minutes until paramedics arrived.

The Davidson County Fire Marshall said investigators with several agencies have begun investigations of the premises into how the line snapped, and how the current was diverted into the pool.

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