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184,000 Deaths Annually Caused by Sugary Drinks

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Morgan Crider2 years ago

Fox News posted details of a study that reports how sugary drinks are the cause behind 184,000 deaths worldwide every year, and 25,000 of these deaths are in the United States.

Details about the Sugary Drinks Fatality Study

The study-produced findings that represent deaths by diabetes, heart disease, and cancer all of which researchers were able to scientifically linked to the consumption of sweetened sodas, sports and energy drinks, fruit drinks, and iced teas.

Total annual deaths caused by sugary drinks displayed in the study equals that of deaths caused by the flu. There is significant evidence that sugary drinks lead to obesity and obesity increases people’s risk of diseases, according to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian senior author of the study and dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, Massachusetts. 

In previous studies it was found that there are 17 million deaths per year caused by obesity-related diseases.

The study was led by Gitanjali Singh an assistant professor at Tufts – he and researchers calculated that there are 133,000 deaths yearly from type 2 diabetes, 45,000 deaths from cardiovascular disease, and 6,450 deaths from cancer.

The whole study was based on statistical analysis of country-specific dietary habits and causes of deaths linked with information on the availability of sugar on the world market. Sugary drinks were drinks that were sweetened with cane sugar, beet sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), Americans consume on average 22.2 teaspoons of added sugar, equivalent to 355 calories, per day and sugar sweetened beverages are the primary source of this intake. These sugars contribute to weight gain and heart disease. Twelve-ounce servings of regular soda has close to 10 teaspoons of sugar, the American Diabetes Association has said and recommends people avoid said drinks to prevent diabetes.

Inconclusive Answer to the Sugary Drinks Study

Researchers were not able to prove a direct cause and effect to the point where they could say that sugary beverages are the primary cause of the 184,000 deaths annually. The conclusions were more so based on national beverage consumption trends, death rates, and sugar availability.

However, despite all of this the American Beverage Association says, “This study does not show that consuming sugar-sweetened beverages causes chronic diseases and the authors themselves acknowledge that they are at best estimating effects of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption”.

Dr. Mozaffarian states though that the link between sugary drinks and obesity is well established.


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