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3 Dead in Central Texas Plane Crash

Destiny Baker3 years ago

Three family members died Saturday in a small plane crash in Central Texas near Ranger.

Details of the Central Texas Plane Crash

According to KSAT, the single-engine plane took off from Cook Canyon Ranch Airport and crashed about three miles northwest of Ranger around midnight.

The family members were identified as John C. Weaver and Debra S Weaver, husband and wife, and their daughter, Courtney A. Weaver.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the incident.

Plane Crash Statistics

Following information provided by the NTSB:

  • 1,539 U.S. civil aviation accidents were recorded in 2012.
  • 280 of the accidents were fatal resulting in the deaths of 447 people.
  • The most common causes of aviation accidents are:
  • Fatal crashes were most likely to occur during the cruise and takeoff phases of flight, followed by initial climb, climb (flaps up), final approach, initial approach, and landing. Accidents were least likely to occur during decent and taxiing.


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