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3 Killed in Pennsylvania Trucking Accident

Liana DeMasi2 years ago

Three people were killed last week when an 18-wheeler crashed into a charter bus in Pennsylvania.

Police Investigate Fatal Accident

According to ABC News, state police are investigating what caused a tractor-trailer to hit a charter bus on Wednesday morning on Interstate 380 in the Pocono Mountain area.

The charter bus was carrying Italian tourists to Niagara Falls. The crash resulted in the death of the bus driver and two passengers and critically injured four others.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was not seriously injured. Police are still investigating what caused the tractor-trailer driver to drive into oncoming traffic. 

Pennsylvania Auto Accident Statistics

  • In 2012, 124,092 auto accidents occurred in Pennsylvania. 
  • In those accidents, 1,130 people were killed. 
  • An additional 87, 846 people were injured in those collisions. 
  • In 2012, 159 deaths were linked to trucking accidents in Pennsylvania. 


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