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4 Dead and 16 Injured in Midland Train Crash

Ki'Mii Sellers4 years ago

Four people were killed and 16 more were injured when a train crashed into a Veterans Day parade float in Midland, Texas over the weekend. According to reports, the intersection was the site of 10 other train accidents over the past few decades.

Train Crossing Has Seen at Least 10 Accidents

  • The crash site, at the crossing of Industrial Avenue and Garfield Street in Midland, has been the site of 10 other train accidents dating as far back as 1979.
  • A few years ago, six inch medians were installed in order to help further prevent drivers from crossing the tracks while the crossing arms were coming down. 
  • This accident has come as a surprise to many who felt safe after this railroad crossing was deemed a “quiet zone.”

An Experienced Train Accident Attorney

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