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40% of Americans Don’t Want Kids Playing Football

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Antarvir Kaur4 years ago

 A recent poll proclaims that 40% of Americans and 37% of American parents would attempt to dissuade their children from playing football due to the great amount of brain injuries that can occur while playing.

The NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll was conducted over the course of three days, January 22nd- January 24th, 2014 and involved 800 individuals.

Football Safety- Differing Opinions

Peter Nelson, 32-year-old engineering professor says, “It just seems like everything that has come out over the last few years make it scarier and scarier to see what happens to people who have played football for years.”

On the other hand, Tonya Bier, 39-year-old mother, believes that there are dangers associated with all sports and “you are just as likely to get concussions in another sport.”

Her comment is related to a question the poll asked about whether the recent amount of concussions is what is causing parents to be perturbed. Since this is the first time the question was asked, there is no way to determine whether the rate of concern has increased or decreased over the years.

Results of the Football Participation Study

  • Out of the people who have not attended college, 1 in 3 would encourage their children to play sports other than football. The number is 42% for college graduates and 56% for those with postgraduate degrees.
  • About 25% of people who make $30,000 or less would not allow their child to play football whereas 50% of people making $75,000 or more would not allow their child to play the sport
  • There was an almost 50-50 split in Democrats, although they are still more likely than Republicans to dissuade their kids
  • There was a 65%-34% split of parents not discouraging their children from the sport versus those who would amongst NFL followers
Issues in the NFL

Many former players have sued the National Football League (NFL) for hiding concussion related dangers as well as other health concerns. The NFL reached a $765 million settlement in August 2013 with them.

Their concerns may be rightfully so, since research is suggesting a link between concussions and dementia, depression or other brain problems.

However, concussions have decreased by 13% from last season and helmet-to-helmet collisions have decreased by 23%, according to NFL officials.

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