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6 Killed, 6 Injured in Arkansas Bus Crash

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Olivia Finger2 years ago

Six people were injured and six people were killed when a bus carrying farm workers, ran off a highway and crashed into an overpass. The roof was torn off, consequently ejecting passengers onto the interstate.

Details of the Fatal Bus Accident

According to ABC News, nineteen workers were headed to Texas from Michigan, but the bus only made it as far as Arkansas. The roads were wet and there was fog; however, it is unknown whether or not weather was a factor in the accident.

The National Transportation Safety Board, currently investigating the accident, believes the driver may have driven off the road due to tiredness. The overpass remains intact and structurally sound, despite the strong impact.

Roberto Vasquez, 28, was driving the bus just before the crash. He was one of many to survive. He has agreed to drug and alcohol testing, but there is no evidence that he was intoxicated at the time, state police Maj. Mike Foster said. 

Twelve of the 19 workers were from Mexico, while the others were from Florida with the exception of a survivor whom police did not have a residence for.

ICE Offices Assist in Investigation

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers were called to assist with translating, and announce that there will not be a criminal investigation of the people involved.

The bus involved in the investigation had recently been sold by Jeff Lawson, who was aware of the distance the bus would be traveling.

Spokesman for the Michigan Department of Transportation Michael Frezell, said the bus has passed all of its annual inspections since 2009. The bus had last been inspected in April. Transportation officials, however, did know know the condition of the bus before it left for Texas.

Survivors will be provided with mental health services by the American Red Cross. 


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