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7 Injured in San Fran Cable Car Accident

Bedram Bararpour4 years ago

Seven people were injured Wednesday morning (February 6, 2013) when a cable car in San Francisco stopped suddenly. The cable car was carrying nearly 40 passengers at the time of the incident.

Elderly Man Facing Potentially Life-Threatening Injuries

The Huffington Post is reporting that an elderly man is facing potentially life-threatening injuries after falling and hitting his head. Four other passengers were injured and taken to a hospital, though none received life-threatening injuries. One woman was thrown from the cable car and sustained a leg injury.

The two cable car operators were also injured in the accident. The conductor suffered facial and tongue injuries and had to undergo surgery, while the gripman sustained internal injuries and cracked ribs.

Bolt Stuck in Track Cause of Sudden Stop

  • The cause of the sudden stop seems to have been a 1.5-inch bolt that was stuck in the cable car’s track.
  • The bolt is not believed to belong to other cable cars that travel the same route.
  • Two cable cars that passed through the site of the crash 10 minutes before the accident are being inspected. 
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