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7-Month-Old Dies after Eating Detergent Packet

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

A baby boy, 7-months, has died after ingesting a single dose laundry detergent packet. His death is the first to be reported in a rash of similar instances that have increased in number as the packets have become more popular.

About the Detergent Packet Accident

  • The child was with his mother in a Florida battered woman’s shelter.
  • The boy’s mother was planning to do laundry when she left a single dose packet of laundry detergent in a laundry basket by her bed.
  • She left the basket unattended momentarily when the child picked up and ingested the detergent packet.
  • The detergent involved in the incident, All Mighty Pass Free and Clear by Sun Products Corp., is colorless and comes in a clear packet.

Rising Reports of Children Child Injuries Tied to Detergent Packets

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, 5,753 cases have been reported by poison control centers since January 1, 2013 of children suffering injury after ingesting the detergent or getting the liquid in their eyes.
  • The number is especially alarming considering only 6,231 incidents were reported over the entire year of 2012.
  • Poison control protectors are pointing to the packets’ resemblance to candy as a factor which leading to the incidents.
  • Symptoms from previous reports have included vomiting, lethargy, difficulty breathing, and cornea abrasions.
  • Some children were hospitalized for days where they were attached to tubes to assist them in breathing.
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