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7-Year-Old Thrown From Car in Fatal Crash

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Bonnie Harp3 years ago

The Associated Press (AP) reports that a 7-year-old boy sustained life-threatening injuries after he was thrown from a car during a fatal motor vehicle accident that occurred on the Southeast Side of San Antonio.

About the San Antonio Car Accident

Melanie Saucedo, 29, was driving her Mitsubishi when she collided into the back of a Pontiac that was driving in front of her on U.S. Highway 181. The collision forced the Pontiac to flip over the median, intersecting northbound traffic.

Investigators have stated that the driver of the Pontiac, 58-year-old Peter Castillo, was killed instantly at the scene of the accident.

An injured 7-year-old boy was found shortly after the accident.  Responders speculate that the young boy was ejected from the Pontiac during the accident. He was immediately sent to University Hospital for treatment of severe injuries.

The accident took place on U.S. Highway 181 at West Laguna Road around 1:30am on Monday morning.

Melanie Saucedo was sent to University Hospital where she received medical treatment and a blood test. Results will indicate if Saucedo was driving under the influence of illegal substance.

Texas Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

According to Texas Department of Transportation:

  • 3,413 persons were killed by motor vehicle crashes in Texas during 2012.
  • Fatality and injury rates due to motor vehicle accidents in Texas for 2013:
    • 1 person died by car wreck every 2 hours and 36 minutes.
    • Every 2 minutes and 16 seconds a person was injured in a motor vehicle accident.
    • A reportable vehicle wreck occurred every 71 seconds.
    • 232,041 people were injured in car wrecks in 2013.
    • In 2013, 32.2% of deaths by motor vehicle accident involved an intoxicated driver.


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