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A Look Into the Midnight Premiere Tragedy

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Baisha Kreuzer5 years ago

Moviegoers had been awaiting the release of the highly anticipated latest Batman movie, but no one could have predicted the shocking events that transpired in Denver, Colorado during the opening night of the popular film. Jessica Ghawi, who lived in San Antonio just one year before, was one of the 12 victims who were reported dead at the scene.

Before the Shooting

Jessica Ghawi, a 24-year-old sports journalist, survived a horrifying shooting that left two people dead at the Eaton Centre Mall food court in Toronto on June 2, 2012, just a little over a month before the Denver incident, according to news outlets. Ghawi described her experience in a blog post where she recounted having an inkling that she needed to leave the food court just moments before the shooting. As she acted upon this feeling, she avoided becoming a target.

Aurora Tragedy

Several weeks later, Ghawi became a victim to the shooting in the Denver suburb of Aurora. According to a San Antonio news story, she was accompanied by her friend, Brent Lowak, who was visiting from San Antonio and was shot as well. Lowak reported the events in his blog and revealed that Ghawi shouted multiple times for someone to call 911 once the theater filled up with smoke. As gunshots were rapidly fired, Ghawi took a shot to the leg. Lowak, in an attempt to aide her, applied pressure to her leg and immediately after was shot in the legs as well. The San Antonio news outlet reported that as the shots continued, Lowak attempted to fight the pain and then realized Ghawi had been shot in the head, killing her instantly.

The Aftermath

Jessica Ghawi’s brother, Jordan Ghawi was devastated to find the news of his sister and frequently tweeted updates regarding her death.  News outlets report that a memorial will be held for her on July 28. Lowak’s mother, Sue Greene, told news outlets that surgery for his gun wounds went well. It will take time to heal, but he will most likely come away from this tragedy with a physically full recovery. However, the loss of his friend will continue to burden him.

AMC Theaters released a statement that it will not allow moviegoers to wear face-covering mask or carry fake weapons of any kind on site. The theater where the shooting transpired was owned by Cinemark Theatres.

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