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At Thomas J. Henry, we are always looking for dynamic, aggressive legal professionals to join our growing firm. If you’re looking for more than just another job, join the team at Thomas J. Henry.


  • Jordan Jackson

    "I have been employed with Thomas J. Henry since 2014. As a young lawyer, I appreciate how willing the firm has been to teach and develop its attorneys. Here you gain invaluable experience on such unique cases that some attorneys may never see throughout the life of their career. I especially appreciate the open door atmosphere at the firm that allows you to learn from more experienced attorneys in order to get the best possible outcome for your client."

    Jordan JacksonAttorney
  • D.J. Redman

    "I have been a paralegal with Mr. Henry for the past 7-1/2 years and in the legal field for approximately 30 years. This firm by far excels in the technology provided to its staff for research, investigation, and development of each individual case. Working with Mr. Henry and utilizing those resources has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the legal field, improve on my professional abilities, and help bring each case to a fulfilling conclusion, both for the firm and, more importantly, for our clients. I hope to continue working with this firm for many years to come. "

    D.J. RedmanParalegal
  • Scott Sager

    "Before working at Thomas J. Henry I did primarily transactional work and found it to be both tedious and redundant. Working here is a much different environment from what I have previously been exposed to. It’s fast-paced, and every case presents new challenges as well as new opportunities. Plaintiff’s work is something I did not envision myself doing prior to this job, now I can’t imagine not doing this."

    Scott SagerAttorney
  • Elizabeth Martinez

    "I've been working as an Intake Specialist at Thomas J. Henry since 2012. Just recently, I started helping the PR team and was named Vendor Coordinator for Bark in the Park and the Turkey Giveaway. I really do look forward to see what my future holds at the firm. "

    Elizabeth MartinezIntake Specialist
  • David Tijerina

    "I’ve been working for Thomas J. Henry for almost 3 years now, and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made. The cases are interesting, and I love working for a law firm that places the needs of the client above all else. It truly is a place where you are rewarded for hard, honest work. Looking forward to many more years here!” "

    David TijerinaAttorney Manager
  • Sarah Hinojosa

    "What I love about my job is that even though sometimes it may be a lot of work it's not stressful at all, and I enjoy coming here everyday. I have a great relationship with my supervisors and can always talk to them about what's going on. I also love the great benefits the job offers & am very grateful for Mr. Henry for all he does for his employees. "

    Sarah HinojosaReceptionist
  • John Biggins III

    "Thomas J. Henry is a firm with tremendous resources to assist attorneys in effectively litigating cases on behalf of clients who have been injured due to the negligence of others. Mr. Henry has developed and implemented a proven formula for success and amassed a legal team with abundant skills, knowledge, and work ethic to fight for injured victims throughout the State of Texas and Nation and I am honored to be a member of his team. "

    John Biggins IIISenior Associate Attorney
  • Lindsey Corbin

    "Coming to Thomas J. Henry was a great decision and choice. I also love that I am able to help clients who have lost loved ones or suffered catastrophic injuries. I know I am making a difference and helping those in need. I am truly happy and feel blessed to be part of this organization. I am looking forward to many more years of success with the firm. "

    Lindsey CorbinLaw Lawyer
  • Laura Garcia

    "I was hired by Mr. Henry in November of 2006. I've learned so much over the years and am still learning. It's been a pleasure working here and I hope to continue being a part of the firm for many years to come. "

    Laura GarciaParalegal


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