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Corpus Christi Oil Field Injury Lawyers

Texas Oil Field Accident Attorneys Serving Injured Clients in Corpus Christi

Oil fields are extremely dangerous places to work. Our Corpus Christi oil field injury lawyers understand the risk of simply going to work at an oil field.

According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, “despite hundreds of oil field fatalities, federal government does little to monitor or safeguard” workers who have jobs due to the oil and gas boom. Indeed, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), occupational fatalities in the oil and gas industry increased by nearly 28 percent between 2003 and 2013.

corpus christi oil field injury attorney

At Thomas J. Henry Law, we take oil field injuries very seriously. Speak with us about filing a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

What to Do After an Oil Field Injury in Corpus Christi

What should you do after an oil field injury in Corpus Christi? You should be sure to take the following steps:

  • Stop working;
  • Report the injury to your employer as soon as you can;
  • Seek medical treatment immediately; and
  • Speak with a lawyer about whether you should move forward with a claim or lawsuit.

The dedicated Corpus Christi oil field injury lawyers at our firm can help.

File Your Corpus Christi Oil Field Injury Lawsuit On Time

If you sustain injuries as a result of unsafe working conditions or employer negligence, we know how important compensation is. Compensation can cover your medical bills and lost wages.

How much time do you have to file a claim? The answer depends upon whether you are seeking compensation through Texas workers’ compensation or through a third-party lawsuit.

When a workplace injury occurs and the worker is covered by workers’ compensation, the worker may be required to file a workers’ compensation to file a workers’ compensation claim in order to obtain compensation for the injury. However, if a third party is responsible—such as an automobile driver who crashed into you on the oil field, or the manufacturer of a defective tool that led to your injury—then you may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

Workers’ compensation claims have their own specific timeline.

Injured workers must report the accident and injury to the employer as soon as possible.

The most important deadline, however, is for filing your DWC Form-041, or the Employee’s Claim for Compensation for a Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease. This form must be filed within one (1) year from the date of the injury or else the worker may not be eligible to receive compensation.

If the worker is eligible to file a third-party lawsuit, then the personal injury statute of limitations in Texas applies. Under Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003(a), the statute of limitations for most personal injury lawsuits, include oil field injuries, is two (2) years from the date of the accident.

Proportionate Responsibility and Worker Negligence in an Oil Field Injury Case

corpus christi oilfield injury lawyersIn an oil field injury that results from an employer’s negligence or even the worker’s own error, that worker most likely will be filing a workers’ compensation claim.

With workers’ comp, even if the worker made a mistake or acted negligently on the worksite, his or her compensation is not diminished under workers’ compensation policies.

However, if the injury gives rise to a lawsuit, then the injured worker should consider proportionate liability as an issue the defense may raise.

Under Texas law on proportionate responsibility (Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §33.001 et. seq.), even if the injured worker is partially to blame, that injured worker still can recover damages if he or she is not 51 percent liable or more. For example, if a worker is 30 percent responsible, then his or her compensation will be reduced by 30 percent. If the worker is 51 percent or more to blame, however, then that worker is barred from recovery.

Corpus Christi oil field injury attorneys can help you to determine whether you should file a workers’ compensation claim or a third-party lawsuit to obtain compensation for your losses.

Contact a Corpus Christi Oil Field Injury Attorney

If you were injured in an oil field accident, you should know that you are not alone. The oil and gas boom in Texas has resulted in many preventable accidents and injuries, often causing life-long disabilities for workers in Corpus Christi. You should speak with a Corpus Christi oil field injury lawyer to learn more about filing a claim for compensation.

Contact Thomas J. Henry Law to learn more about how we assist injured workers in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas.

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