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Corpus Christi Premises Liability Attorneys

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Premises liability claims involve an injury on someone’s property due to an unsafe, defective, or dangerous condition. There are a multitude of cases that fall under this legal concept and require the assistance from a Corpus Christi premises liability attorney.

Due to the complexity of these types of cases, proving liability is oftentimes difficult, and in many instances, the business owner, property owner, or company that is liable will fight tooth and nail to deny your claim and prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve.

In order to have a viable premises liability claim in Corpus Christi, there are few things that must be proven:

  • The entity you are bringing the claim against must have created or contributed to the factor that caused your injury
  • The property or business owner knew about the factor but did not take a reasonable care to remedy it; or the dangerous factor was present for a period of time in which it should have been properly addressed
  • The property owner allowed you, either as an invitee or licensee, to be on the premises where the accident occurred

By speaking with a slip and fall attorney in Corpus Christi, you can better understand if you have a case or not. At Thomas J. Henry, our team of premises liability lawyers have handled all types of cases. We will provide you with a free case consultation, go over the facts and evidence, and determine if you have a claim.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

Any accident that occurs due to a dangerous condition or unsafe premises could be a potential case. Common premises liability accidents include:

Documenting Your Slip and Fall Accident in Corpus Christi

One common thread among all premises liability cases is that they may occur without any witnesses to corroborate your story. Without reporting your accident to the property owner or manager at the time of the incident, they may deny that it ever occurred.

Many large companies and nationwide chains have procedures in place for when a visitor is injured on their property. When possible, file an accident report and ask for a copy.

There are other situations where a premises liability accident will occur where there are no apparent property owners present, such as with a dog bite. If you find yourself in an instance like this, call the police or call for an ambulance if you are injured. Both of these entities will document your injuries and how they occurred.

In addition, there are resources to report certain types of premises accidents or dangerous premises to proper authorities in Corpus Christi:

Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Injury

If you’ve been hurt in a premises liability accident, such as a slip and fall, follow these five simple steps to protect your well-being and your rights as an accident victim:

  1. Above all, seek medical treatment for your injuries, whether it is being seen by emergency services at the scene of the accident or making an appointment with your primary care physician.
  2. Report the accident to the property owner or manager and ask for a copy of the report, if possible.
  3. Document the scene of the accident and take pictures of the factor that caused your injury.
  4. If there were witnesses to the accident, ask for their names and contact information.
  5. Call a local slip and fall attorney in Corpus Christi to assist with your personal injury claim.

Injured in a Slip and Fall? Contact a Corpus Christi Premises Liability Attorney

Premises liability cases are oftentimes complex and require a legal team with vast experience handling these types of claims. They also require resources and the ability to retain experts that can help prove your story. Thomas J. Henry has handled many successful slip and fall cases in Corpus Christi and across the state of Texas for more than 25 years. Let our dedicated team of attorneys help you get the compensation you need to cover mounting medical bills and lost wages from missing work.

Call now and speak with an attorney, or fill out an online contact form and we will reach out to you. We are available 24/7, nights and weekends to evaluate your case and provide you with a free case consultation.

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