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Alarming Number of Unrepaired Recalled Vehicles in Texas

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Stephanie Samedi2 years ago

A new analysis has found that roughly 20-percent automobiles operating in Texas have unresovled recall issues.  

45 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2014 Remain Unrepaired

According to KVUE, 75 percent of the 60 million vehicles recalled in 2014 remain unfixed, and Texas is among the worst offenders of unresolved recall issued.

Texas is ranked second, behind California, for having the most unfixed car recalls. This means various safety-related problems in these vehicles remain unfixed, putting the lives of consumers at risk.

Many drivers are unaware that their vehicles have been recalled because often times, they are only notified once by mail. Carfax released an app that notifies drivers with such information in order to keep drivers safe.

2014 Record Breaking Year for Vehicle Recalls

The following information was provided by Detroit News:

  • Automakers recalled a record of 63.95 million vehicles as part of 803 recall campaigns last year.
    • The doubled the previous record of 30.8 million set in 2004
  • Air bag defects accounted for about a third of all vehicles recalled in 2014, or about 21 million, including recalls by 10 major automakers for defective Takata Corp. crash restraints.
  • Electrical system recalls were next at 20.2 million vehicles.


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