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An Introduction to Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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Jonathan Hernandez1 year ago

April 1st marks the beginning of Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In recognition of the growing problem that is distracted driving, Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys will be publishing blogs throughout April focusing on a wide range of distracted driving topics, including types of distraction, how to prevent driver distraction, promoting safe driving among teens, and distracted driving aws.

What is Distracted Driving Awareness Month?

Tens of thousands of people are killed every year in the United States in motor vehicle accidents. Many of those fatal motor vehicle accidents are the result of drunken driving, bad weather conditions, poor roadways, and other factors. One of the factors that many people can often overlook is the danger of distracted driving.

The National Safety Council has designated April to be Distracted Driving Awareness Month in order to raise awareness about the prevalence and the dangers that come with distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Factors

AAA classifies distracted driving factors into two distinct categories which both involve taking your mind off driving:

Eyes off the Road

  • Looking and staring at crash scenes
  • Checking yourself in the mirror
  • Roadside signs and billboards

Hands off the Wheel

  • Eating/Drinking
  • Using the cell phone
  • Changing the temperature/radio adjustments

There are many other distractions, such as texting, personal grooming, and reaching for fallen objects, that contribute to someone being distracted and taking their mind off of driving. All of these will be topics of discussion throughout the month.

Why is Awareness Important?

A 2013 estimation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated that distracted driving was a factor in about 10 percent of all motor vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities and 18 percent of motor vehicle accidents involving injury.

It is important to take into consideration that is it nearly impossible to determine the exact number of fatalities and injuries are the result of distraction, as drivers may not willing admit fault to the police. What is possible is distracted driving prevention, and all of us have a responsibility to ensure we are attentive when behind the wheel.


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