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Angry Driver Kills Mother and Child

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Christine Eke4 years ago

KHOU, a local Houston, Texas news station, has reported that a road raging man hit, head on, a vehicle occupied by two innocent individuals—a mother and her young son.

The woman was killed from the incident while the young boy was rushed to a hospital in critical condition where, accroding to the Baytown Sun, the two-year-old later died from his injuries. A fund raising event has been planned for the boy's father.

Details of the Fatal Incident

  • The suspect driver was trying to run his wife, who was driving a separate vehicle, off the road when he struck the vehicle containing the mother and son.
  • The suspect and his wife were apparently engaged in a heated dispute.
  • Blood test results are yet to be collected to decide pending charges against the suspect driver.
  • The suspect’s wife was unharmed in the incident.

Statistics on Road Rage in America

The following information is from Driver Story Magazine:

  • Reported incidents of road rage have more than tripled since the late 1990s until today, from over 4,000 annual reports to over 13,000 annual reports, respectively.
  • Half of motorists will respond to aggressive driving and behavior with aggression themselves.
  • Men are more likely to exhibit road rage behaviors than women.
  • Road rage is manifested in several ways, such as honking without cause, chasing drivers, and cutting other drivers off.
  • Road rage may cause serious consequences, such as causing other vehicles to collide or using one’s own vehicle to hit another vehicle or person.
  • The safest bet when potentially encountering someone who is expressing road rage is to stay calm and let the person on his/her way.
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