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Are Texas Driving Test Regulations Too Lenient?

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

Dallas affiliate of ABC reports that 89-year-old Vernell Ingram is back to driving on Texas streets after failing four driving tests in the pursuit of renewing her license.

Ms. Ingram was recently sued for $5 million by Dallas motorcyclist, Jerry Wall, after causing a head on collision which nearly resulted in his death.

About the Dallas Motorcycle Accident

  • Vernell Ingram was hit with a verdict for $5 million after a Parker County jury decided she was at fault for a causing a near fatal motorcycle accident.
  • Authorities determined that Ms. Ingram collided head on with Jerry Wall as she was traveling the wrong way up an Interstate 20 off-ramp.
  • Reports show Ms. Ingram had been involve in a number of previous, less serious accidents before hitting Mr. Wall.
  • Ms. Ingram testified during depositions that she did not recall the accident and denied that it ever happened.
  • She later made clear that she does not intend to pay any of the $5 million awarded to Mr. Wall by the lawsuit.
  • These denials and plans to neglect payments were made despite repair reports from her repair shop showing charges for scraping off flesh and blood, belonging to Mr. Wall, from the front of her car.

Injuries the Motorcylcists Sustained During the Accident

  • Amputation of one leg below the knee
  • Fractures in both femurs
  • A fractured pelvis
  • One broken arm
  • A punctured lung
Driver Fails Four Test
  • Vernell Ingram failed four driving tests while attempting to get her license reissued.
  • Reports state that she:

    • Ran over a pole
    • Turned left from right-lane
    • Straddled the yellow line
    • Ran past most stop signs before stopping
  • Upon her fifth attempt, Ms. Ingram passed the test with “unsatisfactory” breaking.
  • DPS regulations state that drivers may retake driving test as many times as they like, until passing.
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