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Asbestos Found in Children’s Crayons

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Erin King2 years ago

Four brands of children’s crayons and two fingerprint kits have been discovered to contain asbestos.

About the Asbestos Contamination

According to FOX News, in recent tests commissioned by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), four of 28 boxes of crayons tested were found to contain asbestos; the tests were confirmed by two government-certified laboratories.

Officials report that products contaminated by asbestos, especially those products intended to be used by children, pose a risk of the fungal fibers being released in the air when the contaminated products are used. 

Though the risk of the rouge four crayon types is low, scientists still deem them unacceptable for children’s usage; health officials have expressed that any level of asbestos contamination is unsafe and absolutely unacceptable in the presence of anyone, not just children.

The contaminated crayons were believed to have been purchased by consumers from February to May 2015 in locations such as Dollar Tree and Party City in a suburban county near the city of San Francisco.  The contaminated products were manufactured in China and imported to the U.S.

Adverse Effects of Asbestos

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have all classified asbestos as a known carcinogen.

The most common types of cancer associated with asbestos is a form of lung cancer and mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer that affects the membranes that line the chest and abdomen.

Asbestos has also been associated with gastrointestinal, colorectal, throat, kidney, esophageal, and gallbladder cancer.

While cancer cases are normally limited to those who work around asbestos, there have been cases in which cancer occurred due to indirect exposure to asbestos (i.e. particles left on clothes).


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