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At Least 30 Reported Injured in Major Pennsylvania Pileup

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

At least 30 people have been injured due to a pileup along the eastbound Pennsylvania Turnpike which involved as many as many as 100 vehicles including passenger cars, company vehicles and even tractor-trailers.

About the Pennsylvania Pileup

“The best we know is that we had 30 people transported to local hospitals.” – Bill Capone as published by the Inquirer

According to the Inquirer at least 30 people are injured, five seriously, following multiple collisions along the Pennsylvania Turnpike which some motorist have compared to an ice-skating rink.

More than 40 vehicles were involved in the two main crashes which began around 8:35 am Friday in the eastbound lanes, but as traffic began to back up, more collisions began to occur.

The result is a miles-long traffic jam with road closures and drastically extended commute times as authorities attempt to access and resolve the situation which looks more like a parking lot that a roadway.

Horrible Weather Conditions

Rescue efforts were hindered as first responders attempted to navigate the mass of traffic stalled behind the scene of the accident

After arriving at the scene, emergency workers had to triage the numerous crashes, responding first to those that seemed the most serious. Video footage shows workers prying open cars and removing trapped occupants from their vehicles.

At least 13 ambulance crews were on the scene as EMTs form Bucks and Montgomery also responded to the accidents.

Many drivers are blaming not only the horrid weather, but also drivers who were reportedly traveling too fast given the adverse conditions. Some motorists have begun to question the wisdom behind lifting the 45 mile per hour speed limit that used to exist for early morning traffic.

.Auto Accident Statitistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, 34,080 deaths were attributed to traffic accidents in 2012. This marked a 5.3 percent increase from 2011.

Another 2,362,000 people suffered injuries as a result of car crashes – up 6.5 percent from 2011.

These numbers indicate that one person was killed every 2 hours and 35 minutes due to traffic accidents and a person was injured every 2 minutes and 17 seconds.


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