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Aubrey McClendon Killed in a Fatal Car Crash

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Shalini Shah2 years ago

Aubrey McClendon, the chief executive of Chesapeake Energy Corp, was killed when his car slammed into a bridge abutment earlier this month.

About the Fatal Auto Accident

McClendon passed away March 2nd, shocking the entire oil and gas industry. He was driving above the speed limit, which was 50 miles per hour, at approximately 88 mph before slamming into a bridge abutment.

His accident occurred less than a day after he was indicted by the U.S Department of Justice on accusations of violating antitrust rules for rigging bids for land. He had denied these allegations.

According to Reuters, McClendon’s car collided with the bridge causing his vehicle to rotate 7 feet counter clockwise. His car collided with the bridge at 78 mph, which slowed down after 3 wheels left the roadway for the dirt shoulder.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Chitty said to the press a toxicology report and official cause of death would take several more weeks to determine. McClendon was driving a Chevy Tahoe, but was not chasing or being pursued by anyone. This has caused many to raise questions about McClendon’s death about whether he took his own life.

He was not wearing a seatbelt, but the police chief claims this safety measure would not have mattered due to the speed his vehicle was traveling at. McClendon had suffered multiple blunt force trauma to his head and torso and was most likely dead before a fire consumed his vehicle and burned his body.

In data retrieved from Tahoe’s black box data recorder, McClendon did tap his brakes twice after he drove 189 feet left from the center lane, but this did not slow down his car. Additionally, he did not touch his brakes in the 31 feet before hitting the bridge.

Currently the Oklahoma City police are interviewing family and friends and pulling his cell phone records for the ongoing investigation.

Traffic Safety Statistics Related to Speeding

Speeding is considered to be one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports the following statistics:

  • 10,219 speeding related fatalities were recorded in 2012. This accounts for 30% of all auto accident atalities
  • 37% of 15-24 year-old drivers killed in auto accidents were speeding.
  • In 2010, speeding related crashed had a total cost to society of $210.3 Billion
  • Among passenger vehicles drivers 21 and older infovled in fatal crashed in 2012, those who were not speeding were more likely to be wearing seat belts than those who were speeding at the time of the crash (77% vs 46%)


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