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Auto Recall Database Set to Launch in Late August

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Tina Robinson3 years ago

Despite requests from auto groups for a delay, a new program that will allow car owners and buyers to search a database using a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for open recalls will launch next month.

About the Auto Recall Database

According to the Detroit News, the new auto recall database will launch on Aug. 20. Both the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers had petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to delay the launch for several months; however, NHTSA says it will move forward with plans.

The new program requires automakers who sell more than 25,000 vehicles each year and motorcycle makers who sell more than 5,000 motorcycles a year to keep a searchable VIN database of vehicle recalls. Vehicle owners and prospective buyers will be able to access that information through either or the automaker’s website.

Automakers will be required to update the database weekly and keep information about uncompleted recalls available for 15 years. Originally, NHTSA had pushed for daily updates and all recall information sent to the agency. Automakers successfully argued that such moves would be burdensome.

40 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2014

The plans to move forward with the launch come at a time when the auto industry as a whole has recalled about 40 million vehicles so far this year. The vast majority of those recalls have been conducted by General Motors, who gained national attention after documents found the company failed to recall vehicles for nearly a decade despite knowing about safety problems. The GM ignition recall, which eventually affected about 2.6 million vehicles, has been linked to 13 deaths and 54 crashes.

Thomas J. Henry Fights for GM Recall Victims

Thomas J. Henry is representing more than 1,000 GM recall victims across the United States and has been investigating injuries and deaths linked to the recall since day one. The firm launched a nationwide media investigation into the recall in April, which brought forth thousands of affected individuals who had information critical to the investigation – information that the firm has handed over to federal agencies also investigating GM’s sluggish response the recall. As more and more individuals have flocked to Thomas J. Henry for representation, the firm has continued to push GM for a victim settlement fund. The firm has had several talks with GM’s victim compensation expert Ken Feinberg regarding appropriate victim compensation for the thousands affected by a fatal design flaw in ignition switches which left numerous dead and countless others seriously injured. 


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