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Baby Stroller Safety Tips

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Nicholas Wills5 years ago

One child died from strangulation in a baby stroller in 2004 after becoming trapped in between the seat and the tray of the stroller. Since then, there have been recalls for certain models of the Peg Perego baby strollers that have the potential risk for entrapping babies and small children. Because of this, parents, baby-sitters, nannies, and anyone else who is taking care of a child should remember these safety tips when using a baby stroller.

Safety Tips When Using Baby Strollers

Although the potentially dangerous baby strollers have since been recalled, some are most likely still in use. However, even if you have a non-recalled baby stroller, anyone taking care of children should keep these safety tips in mind when using a baby stroller.

  • Do not leave the child in a baby stroller unattended.
  • When putting the child in a baby stroller, always keep the child restrained with the seat belt and/or harness.
  • Do not put more weight in stroller than manufacturer's recommendation.
  • Read the manufacturer's pamphlet/safety guide that comes with the stroller.
  • Do not put weight on handles of stroller, because it might cause stroller to tip.
  • When using a stroller designed for jogging, make sure that the frame-locking mechanism is properly engaged to avoid collapse. Also, when stopped, use the parking brake.
  • Check the model of your stroller to make sure it is not one that has been recalled.
  • Do not use a blanket, quilt or pillow as a mattress, because this could potentially cause the child to suffocate.
  • Use baby strollers for what they were made for – i.e. transportation. For example, although children often fall asleep in baby strollers, do not use baby strollers solely as a bed.
  • When folding the stroller, make sure the child is out of the stroller, and also keep the child away from the stroller when folding it to avoid pinched fingers.

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