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Back To School Safety Tips

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Christina Houghton6 years ago

The back to school season is an exciting time for both parents and kids. However, during all the hustle and bustle of new clothes and school supplies, we must keep our children's safety in mind. Below, we have listed some basic back-to-school safety tips for both parents and kids.

Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Slow down and obey all traffic laws and speed limits.
  • Stop for school busses that are loading or unloading children.
  • Watch for red flashing lights and the extended stop arm on the bus.
  • Stop and obey signals from school crossing guards in the roadway.
  • Be alert and watch for children near schools, bus stops and in school parking lots.
  • Watch for school zone signals and obey the 15 MPH speed limit.
  • Do not pass other vehicles in school zones or at crosswalks.
  • Do not change lanes in school zones.
  • Do not make U-Turns in school zones.
  • Do not use your cell phone in school zones and near congested areas.
  • Do not use handicap, or emergency vehicle lanes or spaces, to drop off children at school.

Safety Tips for Students

  • If you ride a school bus, follow the school bus safety rules and avoid becoming a distraction to the driver.
  • Do not stand in the roadway while waiting for the school bus.
  • If you walk to school, follow the safety rules for pedestrians.
  • Walk on the sidewalk that faces traffic.
  • Cross the street only at crosswalks and follow the directions given by crossing guards.
  • If you ride a bike to school, wear a helmet and follow all safety rules for bicyclists.
  • Walk bicycles across streets and only in designated crosswalks.
  • Students who drive to school should avoid speeding and minimize distractions from cell phone usage, eating, loud music and passengers.
  • Never overload a vehicle. Remember, every passenger must use a safety belt.
  • Always be a good role model for younger siblings and fellow students. Avoid horseplay on sidewalks, while riding a bus or bicycle, and while traveling in a vehicle.

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