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Barratry 101: What is Barratry?

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Staff Writer4 years ago

While barratry has been a crime throughout the country for decades, the laws concerning it were largely considered archaic as they were so rarely invoked. The practice itself carried the possibility of disbarment for any lawyer found guilty and even imprisonment for them and anyone else found helping. In Texas, this has also become a civil matter as courts seek to properly compensate victims of illegal case solicitation.

What is Barratry?

  • Barratry is the crime of illegally soliciting the business of someone in need of a lawyer. It is often referred to as ambulance chasing or case running, as people often find themselves as their worst when a lawyer comes around.
  • The crime can also apply to anyone a lawyer uses to help them achieve this financial end as well. People they pay or otherwise hire or use to get referrals are accessories to barratry.
  • If a lawyer persistently pushes someone to file suit, despite knowing full well there are no grounds for litigation and thus only looking for an easy profit through lawyer fees, this can also be considered barratry.

Texas House Bill 1711 – Barratry Lawsuits

  • The past few years had seen so many incidents of this crime that Texas lawmakers finally decided something had to be done.
  • They recently passed a law that allows alleged victims of barratry to sue lawyers in civil court for committing the crime.
  • A successful plaintiff would be entitiled to $10,000 paid by the defendant, as well as reimbursement for a reasonable amount of legal fees and any other damages that came about because of the crime.
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