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Birth Control Pill Linked to Breast Cancer Risk

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Lucrecia Guerra3 years ago

Researchers have discovered that oral contraceptives with high-dose estrogen carry an increased risk breast cancer compared to other types of contraceptives.

About the Birth Control Pill High Risk 

According to Time, the study published in the Journal of Cancer Research concluded the high risk is exclusive to high estrogen pills – low estrogen pills demonstrate to have no risk.

Researchers stress that the results have not yet been confirmed and consumers should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the pills before discontinuing use.

The research team also noted that there are very few high-dose estrogen pills on the market and that less than 1 percent of the study’s control group filled a prescription with such pills.

The National Cancer Institute states that while there may be an increased risk for breast cancer, specially for younger women, the breast cancer risk disappears after 10 years of discontinued use. 

Detailed Findings of the Study

  • The study used a population sample of 1,102 women diagnosed with breast cancer and control group of 21,952 women. The risk for breast cancer increased by 50% approximately with the high estrogen pills. 
  • Risks were higher for women that started to consume oral pills when they were teenagers
  • Overall, all the women who consume a “triphasic” pill, a pill in which the dose of hormones changes over the three stages of the women’s monthly cycle, have an increased breast cancer risks. 


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