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10 Safety Tips All Parents with An Infant Should Know

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In recognition of Baby Safety Month, there are a few safety tips parents with a new infant should be aware of. NewParent.com has issued the 10 following infant safety tips that to assist parents in ensuring the safety of their infant.

1. Follow Instructions Of Medical Professionals

If a new parent isn’t careful, they could risk causing injury to their child. Word of mouth is not the best advice, so always follow the instructions of medical professionals. This is especially important for new parents who may not know how to properly care for an infant.

2. Do Not Put Additional Items In A Baby’s Crib

Though you may not think an item can pose a risk, it is always better to err on the side of caution. An infant could potentially put something in their mouths or suffocate from lose fabric. Prevention is key when it comes to the safety of infants.

3. Parental Instinct Is A Thing

A parent’s gut feeling is usually spot on. Even a new parent will have an instinctive feeling if something is wrong with their infant. If a parent feels something may be wrong, it most likely is.

4. Create And Follow A Sleeping Regimen

There are resources available to new parents to help establish a sleeping routine for their infant. If parents are having difficulty establishing a routine on their own, then they can even seek professional help from certified child sleep consultants.

5. Have A Correctly Installed Car Seat

A correctly installed car seat can make a big difference in the event of a car accident. Parents should read the instructions that accompany a child car seat and the manual of their vehicle to ensure that the car seat is installed correctly. If parents find themselves having difficulty, there are a plethora of sources of car seat installation that can be found online. Parents can also find a Car Seat Inspection Station by visiting safercar.gov.

6. Keep An Eye On Product Recalls

Infant products, such as strollers and toys, often get recalled. Parents should keep an eye on news outlets for any infant product recalls and even proactively search for recalls on infant items they already have.

7. Find A Pediatrician

Finding a reputable pediatrician can be a difficult task for parents. However, once one is found, they will have one less thing to worry about should their infant face illness or injury. Having a stable pediatrician will also allow parents to have an up-to-date medical record for their infant.

8. Ensure An Infant Is Never left Unattended

Though it seems to be common sense, parents should always make sure that their infant will not be left alone for any period of time. Something can go wrong in the blink of an eye. If parents have an activity, such as work, they can’t bring their child to, then they can consider hiring a nanny or finding a reputable child care service.

9. Find A Good Baby Monitor

Having a working baby monitor can go far in assisting parents with keeping their child safe. They allow parents to notice changes in their infant, such as changes in breathing. If something goes wrong, parents can know even if the infant isn’t in the same room.

10. Be Wary With Caregivers

Even if parents leave their infant with friends or family, accidents can still happen. Parents should ensure they leave their infant with a responsible adult that will follow the care instructions for their infant. If parents do not have full trust in a caregiver, they may want to consider an alternative.

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