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19 People Hospitalized as Charter Bus Crashes into a Semi-Truck

According to CNN’s report, a bus experienced a massive crash in Virginia, which sent 19 people to hospitals. Reportedly, a bus was struck by a truck, splitting it into two.

About the Virginia Charter Bus Crash

In the words of Virginia State Police Spokeswoman, Corrine Geller, the crash occurred around 4.30 a.m. around the eastbound lanes of Interstate 64 close to the Nelson-Augusta county lines.

According to Geller, the heavy icy and foggy road conditions are the root cause of the accident.

Reportedly, the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control, leading the semi-truck (filled with mail) to overturn. There was a charter bus nearby, and it was unable to avoid the overturned truck. Geller reported that, “The impact of the crash split the tractor-trailer in half,” she continued, “The bus ran off the right side of the highway and came to rest against the guardrail.”

Over 20 people were in the bus, 19 of them have since been taken to hospitals. Among these hospitalized victims, the bus driver, Andrew L. Burruss, and the semi-truck driver, James Proffitt, were also involved.

So far, there have been no fatalities. The injuries of the hospitalized victims are between the serious to the minor range. Police report that there have been other minor crashes that followed the same lanes as the major lanes, but no person has experienced injury in those crashes.

Fog-related Crash Statistics

As Geller rightfully noted, the heavy icy and foggy weather conditions caused the crash. Bad weather conditions are one of the leading causes of accidents. Often, statistics focus on other terrible weather conditions such as tornadoes, rip currents, and lightning, while ignoring how equally deadly fogs are.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, between 2002-2012, an estimated 1.3 million weather-related vehicle crashes have happened in the U.S. The fog and slippery icy pavement cause crashes, leading to wrecks. The weather pavements contributed to 23% of all vehicle crashes.

The annual average fog-related accidents are:

  • 511 deaths
  • 31,385 crashes
  • 11,812 sustained injuries.

Based on American Automobile Association reports, many fog-related accidents cover motorists who drive too fast but are familiar with the road.

Avoiding Fog-Related Accidents

You must learn to reduce speeds if you want to avoid fog related accidents. Also, abstain from sudden stops, increase following distance. Even if you must park, do so as far as possible.

Whenever there is morning fog, if possible, consider delaying your trip or working from home until the fog breaks up.

Another driver may still slide into your vehicle, no matter how conscientious you drive. Such an occurrence can cause a severe injury. If involved in such a collision, make sure it’s safe before you exit your vehicle.

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