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4-Year-Old Twin Girls Escape Fatal Car Crash that Kills Their Father

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Two twin girls, age 4, luckily escaped a fatal auto crash by hiking for help and unbelting their car seats.

Details of the Fatal Car Crash

According to Washington officials, the crash had killed the girls’ father, Corey Simmons, 47, after the car swayed off a crooked road last Friday. The vehicle went down into a wooded area that is 200 feet away. 

According to CNN reports, Simmons suffered a fatal head injury. At the time of the accident, Simmons, the father of the twin girls, was not wearing a seatbelt. His daughters, however, were properly secured and were able unbelt their booster seats and escaped through the broken back window of the 2017 Sentra, thereby extricating themselves from the debris of the crash. 

The girls climbed up an embankment and walked 200 feet back to Whidbey Island road, Trooper Heather Axtman confirmed. 

Girls Saved by an Unidentified Good Samaritan 

When the girls reached the side of a highway, a stranger spotted them, took them into her car, and sheltered them in her vehicle. She did all these before the girls were treated at the hospital. 

The girls only suffered minor injuries, and they have been treated. They have also been reunited with their family members. 

Seatbelt Statistics 

Several statistics prove that when used correctly, seat belts have saved lives and mitigated the risk of severe injury occurring to front-seat passengers. Also, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • Seat belts saved the lives of approximately 14,995 people nationwide in 2017
  • 47% of the casualties involved in vehicle accidents in 2017 were found not to be wearing seat belts. 
  • Back in 2017, about 2,549 additional lives would have been saved if they had used seat belts.

Wearing Your Seat Belt Right

Seat belts have become one of the safest options for preventing the risk of death or severe injury usually sustained from an auto crash; however, it is one thing for you to wear seat belts properly, and it is one thing for you not to wear any at all. 

If the twin girls were not wearing their seat belts right, they might never have escaped the car crash. 

To wear your seat belt properly:

  • Do not position the lap belt on your stomach 
  • Ensure that you don’t place the shoulder belt behind your back or under your arm
  • Wear the shoulder belt away from your neck and between your breasts. Make sure you remove any slack from your seat belt so that it fits across your pelvic bone and hips. 

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