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5 Safety Tips for Parents Choosing a Daycare Center

The process of choosing a daycare for your kids can be stressful. While you might not want to seem too choosy, as it’s impossible to eliminate every risk, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions and investigate the quality of the daycares you’re considering. After all, a 2016 report identified 289 daycare providers who abused or neglected children in Texas alone.

So how can you really be sure you’re putting your child in the best daycare possible? Take a look at these five safety tips for parents to consider when choosing a daycare center.

1. Check for Cleanliness

While it’s pretty normal for children to be exposed to germs at school and at home, it’s reasonable to expect that your child’s daycare provides the cleanest environment possible. The daycare should regularly use soap and disinfectant to wipe down toys and other surfaces to prevent the spread of germs.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, you should also check to see if the daycare has childproofed the facility, which means the use of:

  • outlet plugs
  • pool gates
  • proper food storage
  • safety locks

Any daycare you choose should comply with state and local safety codes even if it’s run out of a private home.

2. Ask if Daycare Conducts Background Checks

Determine if your child’s potential daycare performs background checks on employees. A background check is important to employers who wish to weed out applicants with a serious criminal past. You want to know ahead of time if you’re entrusting your child to reputable caretakers. If you find that a daycare doesn’t screen employees, it might be best to move on in your search.

3. Observe Employee Temperament

If a daycare employee passes a background check that means they’re automatically qualified to deal with children, right?

Taking care of one child is stressful enough but add several more and even the most seasoned caretaker can lose patience. While it’s true that daycare employees may be more aware of their behavior around parents, it’s still a good idea to observe their interactions with the children. Make note of any impatient or irritable employees as it may be a red flag.

4. Ask About Size of Enrollment

Licensed daycare centers generally follow state and local laws regulating the number of children who can enroll in a daycare. In the state of Texas, some examples of  the child- to-caretaker ratios for daycare are 4:1 for children ages 0-11 months old and 26:1 for children ages 9-12 years old.

Any daycare that violates enrollment regulations could put children at serious risk of injury because staff won’t be able to keep up.

5. Trust Your Instincts

If first impressions leave you feeling like a particular daycare isn’t a good fit for your child, it probably isn’t. Don’t be afraid to look around for an option that bests suits your family’s needs.

Parents may find themselves hurrying to find adequate daycare services. But doing a little extra research and asking the right questions can save you time and money. Most importantly, you can have peace of mind knowing your child is in a safe and caring environment.

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