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5 Safety Tips for Using Lyft and Uber

Ride-sharing services have become popular options among travelers in the United States and across the globe. Uber and Lyft dominate ride-sharing with Uber taking 70% of the domestic ride-sharing market.

What is Ride-Sharing?

Ride-sharing allows you to purchase the service of a private driver using a smartphone application. GPS then shows your location to the nearest available driver who will come pick you up. You can use a ride-sharing service for long and short trips, including trips to a restaurant or to the airport.

Safety Issues with Ride-Sharing

While ride-sharing is considered a safe way to travel, there have been recorded incidents of violence and sexual assault. South Florida’s Sun Sentinel learned of over 100 reported incidents involving fake ride-sharing drivers who preyed on unsuspecting customers.

Here are five safety tips to protect yourself when using ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber.

1. Request Your Ride From Indoors

Make sure to stay inside of an establishment as you purchase your ride on the smartphone app.

2. Check Ride Information

Uber suggests that all customers check to see if the driver’s appearance, name, and license plate number match the information on the app. Never assume you have the correct ride.

3. Sit in the Backseat

If you’re travelling alone, sit in the backseat to establish personal space.

4. Don’t Share Too Much Information

Drivers don’t need access to your phone number or other personal information.

5. Provide a Review of Your Experience

Reviewing your ride-share experience can help companies monitor employee behavior and take proper action if needed.

While Uber and Lyft say they are committed to safety measures like background checks and vehicle inspections, you can and should take your safety into your own hands. Ride-sharing  can be a quick and easy way to travel around town. Just make sure to stay alert while enjoying your trips.
Contact an Experienced Uber Accident Attorney

Contact an Experienced Uber Accident Attorney

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