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5 Ways to Make Your Toddler’s Room Safer

In the wake of a viral video showing a 2-year-old becoming trapped underneath a furniture, parents may have a renewed sense of urgency when it comes to safeguarding their toddler’s play area. Below are five tips for providing a safe place for you child to play.

About the Viral Child Entrapment Video

WCPO Cincinnati news outlet reports that a viral video shows a 2-year-old child rescue his twin brother who became trapped underneath a dresser.

The twin boys were playing in their bedroom, climbing on the dresser, when the dresser fell over on one of the little boys. The other twin was able to move the dresser off his brother.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the leading cause of death for individuals 19 and under is accidental injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that a child dies every two weeks from appliances falling on them such as TVs or furniture, on average these injuries are preventable.

Five Ways to Keeping Your Toddler Safe

  • Anchor Furniture to the Wall The Anchor It Program provides “how to” videos on the significance of the method and how to anchor furniture, promoting injury prevention.
  • Keep Windows Locked – Ensure that locks secure are on windows as window screens are not enough to prevent children from falling out the window.
  • Review Window Blinds for Choking Hazards – Long blind cords can create a choking hazard for children. Consider using shorter cords or moving to cordless blinds. It is also a good idea to keep furniture away from windows.
  • Restrict Outlet Access – Keep electrical outlets blocked. An alternative method to plastic outlet plugs is to self-closing outlets or an outlet box.
  • Use Child Gates – It’s good to use gates by steps and any other area in the house that needs to be blocked off for safety reasons.

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