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Another Boeing Plane Issue — Safety Test Failure

Another Boeing plane faces safety issues after failing a test during development, according to CNN.

Details of the Boeing 777X Safety Test Failure

Boeing’s newest plane, the developing 777X, did not pass a safety test performed Friday, according to CNN.

The test, performed with the plane grounded, involved bending the plane’s wings. Boeing says that after 99% of the test had completed, the plane’s wings bent “to a level far beyond anything expected in commercial service.”

Not only were the wings bending to unsafe levels, the rear part of the fuselage had also depressurized, according to the Boeing statement. Someone familiar with the test said one of the plane doors had broken off. No one was injured in the test. The company is examining the results to determine what caused the issues.

Boeing Downplays 777X Safety Test Failure, Development Continues

Although the 777X clearly failed its safety test, Boeing insisted it was only a “testing issue.” CEO Dennis Mulenburg also downplayed the issue, saying it was not unusual for a static test.

Shares of Boeing initially declined after news about the failed test, but they rose again by 3% the following week, showing that investors were not shaken by the report.

The 777X is a key product for Boeing, according to CNN. It is the longest commercial jet, can carry between 400 and 425 passengers in two classes, and can fly routes of 7,600 nautical miles.

Although the plane’s debut has been postponed, development is continuing. Boeing has already taken orders for 344 planes.

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