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1 Dead and Another Injured in Violent Three-Car Crash

Jeremiah Ajayi8 months ago

According to NBC New York, there was a three-car crash on Long Island which killed one person and hurt another.

Details of the Long Island Three-Car Crash

Authorities report that the incident occurred on a Thursday morning  beside Middle Country Road and North Bicycle. It looked like a head-on-collision occurred between a pickup truck and a car. The collision led to a complete obliteration of the car. At some point, it involved another car.

By police reports, the third driver did not get hurt.

Causes of Truck and Cars Collision

  • Failure of vehicles
  • Bad road conditions
  • A truck cutting a car off the road
  • Loss of control over the wheel

Truck Accident Statistics

By Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports;

  • About 3,852 people have died in crashes involving trucks
  • Pickup trucks are likely to kill car drivers at 159%
  • Among the deaths in 2014, pickup and big trucks accounted for 3660 deaths

Avoiding a Head-Collision

The following tips are necessary if you must avoid a head-on collision:

  • Whenever you sight a vehicle coming at your direction, slow down and be prepared to move out of the lane or slow down  if the driver does not move to the right lane
  • Try honking your horn or flashing your headlights. This would likely alert the oncoming tired or distracted driver about your presence.
  • Never curve to the left. Always swerve to the right. You should avoid the possibility of going off the road, if possible.
  • If you are driving at highway speeds, we recommend that you go off the road rather than having a head-on collision with another vehicle.
  • Rather than having a direct hit with another vehicle, try sideswiping it.
  • When passing another lane to pass another vehicle, be extra careful. Ensure that you can safely pass before the oncoming traffic occurs.

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