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Distracted San Antonio Officer Strikes 18-Wheeler, Sustains Injuries

A San Antonio police officer was injured last Friday morning after his patrol vehicle collided with an 18-wheeler.

About the San Antonio Trucking Accident

According to the San Antonio Current, an officer with the San Antonio Police Department recently crashed into an 18-wheeler and sustained injuries. Witnesses state the crash happened a few hours past midnight around AT&T Center Parkway and Aniol Street.

The cause of incident was due to a officer being distracted by his computer while driving. Authorities say he had just clocked out prior to the crash.

By the time he looked up from his computer, his vehicle was already striking the 18-wheeler. Emergency services had to rescue the officer from his car since it was lodged into the side of the truck.

Currently, the unidentified officer is resting at Brooke Army Medical Center and is recovering from a dislocated shoulder.

Top 10 Causes of Distracted Driving Accidents

  1. General Distraction – Surprisingly, roughly 62% of the distracted driving accidents studied by Erie Insurance were the result of “general distraction.” That means no device or object was present at the time of the crash, the driver was simply inattentive, lost in thought, or daydreaming.
  2. Cell Phone Use – About 12% of distracted driving deaths were associated with cell phone use. For their study, cell phone use was defined to include talking, texting, listening to a voicemail, checking email, dialing, checking social media, or any other action that involved a mobile phone.
  3. Rubbernecking – 7% of fatal distracted driving accident involved the driver being distracted by an outside person, object, or event. This is an important reminder that distractions do not need to be inside the vehicle.
  4. Other Occupants – In about 5% of fatal distracting driving accidents, the driver was distracted by another occupant in the vehicle. This includes simply talking or looking at others in a car. This is one reason many states limit the number of under-21 occupants a minor can have in their vehicle.
  5. Using or Reaching for an Object – Using or trying to reach an object, such as a CD or charging cable, was associated with 2% of fatal distracted driving accidents.
  6. Eating or Drinking – Eating and drinking is often overlooked as a distracted activity, and are especially common on longer road trips. Still, these actions require you take your eyes of the road and at least one hand of the wheel. Eating and drinking were responsible for 2% of all fatal distracted driving accidents.
  7. Adjusting Audio or Climate Controls – There is a reason your driver ed instructor advised that you set your audio and climate controls before getting on the road. These actions are considered a driver distraction and can increase your risk of accident. Such behavior was associated with 2% of fatal distracted driving accidents.
  8. Adjusting Mirrors, Windows, Locks – Similar to above, these actions should be done before beginning a trip or while at a safe stop.
  9. Moving Object in Vehicle – This category includes lose items like empty water bottles and cargo as well as pets and even lose insects. These were associated with 1 out of every 10 distracted driving deaths.
  10. Smoking – Smoking while driving is a distraction and was associated with about 1% of all fatal distracted driving accidents.

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