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I Drive a Work Truck and Got in an Accident: What Now?

Motor vehicle accidents are a part of everyday life, and they can occur at any time or place, whether you are driving on an interstate, down a city street, or in a parking lot. Some of these motor vehicle accidents involve drivers who are working at the time of the accident. Laws regarding work vehicles and collisions vary from state to state. Therefore, this article will discuss work vehicle accidents in the state of Texas and outline your legal rights in this situation.

Workers’ Compensation

Automobile accidents are never a pleasant experience, even if you suffered little or no injuries. If you were working at the time of the car accident, things could become more complicated. When an employee suffers injuries on the job, laws regarding workers’ compensation in their state cover the employee. Workers’ compensation laws originate at the state level, and they vary from state to state. These laws provide coverage for some lost wages and cover medical expenses related to a work injury. Workers’ compensation tends to cover employees who sustain injuries from car accidents on the job. In addition to workers’ compensation laws, legal regulations related to third-party liability claims may also come into play.

Third-Party Liability Claims in Corpus Christi

Beyond workers’ compensation laws, every state has laws related to motor vehicle accident liability.  State laws covering third-party liability insurance claims may also provide coverage for damages beyond the amount of workers’ compensation. Texas law allows a truck driver injured in a motor vehicle accident to sue the negligent third party who caused the injuries. Injured parties who bring third-party liability claims in Corpus Christi may be able to recover lost wages and medical expenses not included in workers’ compensation. Additional damages may also apply to this situation.

For truck drivers injured in an accident while working, a third-party insurance claim may target the at-fault driver and his insurance company for other losses that workers’ compensation doesn’t cover. Not all accidents support third-party liability claims, but some situations allow both workers’ compensation and third-party liability insurance claims together. Given the complexity of the laws surrounding employee workers’ compensation and third-party liability claims, an attorney is a vital resource for getting the entirety of your compensation.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Corpus Christi

Have you recently suffered injuries in a car accident while driving a work truck? You need to enlist the services of an experienced and professional personal injury attorney to navigate the intricacies associated with workers’ compensation and third-party liability claims. At Thomas J. Henry, our knowledgeable team of expert attorneys will assess your situation and provide you with the best course of action for recovering the maximum compensation for your injuries. As the largest personal injury law firm in Texas, Thomas J. Henry has the resources and capacity to handle any case and get you the settlement you deserve. We can assist you through the entire legal process, start to finish, and seek recovery for your medical bills and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Call us today at 361-985-0600 for a free case review.

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