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Driver in Baltimore School Bus Driver Had History of Accidents


The driver of a school bus that crashed into multiple vehicles, causing six fatalities, was involved in more than 10 accidents over the past five years. In addition to multiple past accidents, he also had a history of seizures and an expired medical certificate for his commercial driver’s license, meaning he was unauthorized to operate the bus at the time of the accident.

Details of the Fatal Bus Crash

According to CBS News, the driver, 67-year-old Glenn R. Chappell, was driving the school bus in East Baltimore on Nov. 1st when he struck a Ford Mustang from behind and then continued to cross the center median and slam into a Maryland Transit Administration bus.

Both bus drivers were killed in the accident along with four passengers on the MTA bus.  CBS News reports that 11 others sustained injuries.

FOX News states that a 911 dialer claimed the school bus was traveling around 90 mph. Other sources, such as CBS News and United Press International, report the bus’s speed to have been closer to 60 mph; the posted speed limit was 30 mph.

About the School Bus Driver

Glenn R. Chappell was employed by AAAfordable and worked as a contractor for Baltimore City Public Schools.

FOX News reports that he was a husband and father who, according to his son Moses, had no problems with alcohol and did not have any ‘day-to-day’ health issues.

According to the United Press International (UPI), Chappell had a history of hypertension, diabetes, and seizures. His Medical Examiner’s Certificate expired on August 31 yet, though he received warnings and reminders from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, the certificate was never renewed. Chappell’s commercial driver’s license was suspended just two months prior to the accident as a result of his expired certificate.

Paramedics were called for Chappell just one week before the accident, responding to what witnesses reported to have been a seizure.

In the past five years, Chappell has been involved in at least 12 motor vehicle crashes or incidents.

School Transportation Statistics

School-transportation related crashes made up 0.4% of all motor vehicle crashes from 2004-2013.

1,344 people were killed from 2004-2013 in school transportation related crashes, an average of 134 fatalities per year. 327 of those 1,344 fatalities were school age children.

From 2004-2013 there were almost three times more fatalities among occupants of other vehicles than occupants of school transportation vehicles.

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