Driving Tips for Daylight Saving Time

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The first few days of Daylight Saving Time always take a bit adjustment. In addition to the drowsiness often associated with the time change, the earlier mornings can leave motorists facing different driving conditions during their daily commutes.

As we spring forward, we should all be aware how the time change can affect our traveling habits. Please take a moment to review the following safety tips to reduce your risk of an accident.

Daylight Saving Time Tips for Driver

  • Prepare for Darker Mornings. If you have an early morning commute, you will have less daylight and less visibility. Be extra cautious of pedestrians and turn on your headlights to increase your visibility while also making yourself more visible.
  • Increase Following Distance. Even if the sun is out during your morning commute, it will likely still be rising which means more sun in your eyes. Allowing for increased following distance will give you more time to identify and react to a hazard.
  • Watch Out for Children. More daylight in the evening hours means more children will be outdoors. Be aware and alert.
  • Get to Bed Early. If you find you are having trouble adjusting to the time change and feel drowsy in the morning, consider taking an earlier bedtime as your body adjusts. Drowsy driving is a serious hazard and is a factor in roughly 10 percent of all collisions. Focus on getting you sleeping pattern back on track.

Daylight Saving Time Tips for Pedestrians

  • Only Cross at Intersections or Crosswalks. This should be a standard rule, but it holds special significance during the Daylight Saving Time change as you may be less visible in the morning hours.
  • Avoid Walking in Areas with No Sidewalks. Try to avoid walking in areas in which you are forced to walk on the shoulder of the road. Drowsy drivers often drift, posing a hazard to pedestrians walking near a lane of traffic.
  • Be Seen. If you are walking during the morning hours, carry a flashlight or wear reflective clothing or accessories to make yourself more visible.
  • Keep Free of Distractions. Just like driving, a cell phone can distract you from potential hazards when walking. Keep your eyes on traffic and listen for approaching danger.

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