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Drunk Driver Charged after Purposefully Causing Four-car Crash

glass of liquor next to car key

According to the Billings Gazette, a drunk driver was arrested and charged after causing a car crash on purpose in Billings, Montana, on Tuesday.

About the Drunk Driving Car Crash

Stanley Charles Bulltail, 19, was driving in the 2400 block of Sixth Avenue North when the motor vehicle wreck occurred. Witnesses say a driver attempted to cross into the man’s lane, but swerved away once they saw Bulltail was already in it. In response, the 19-year-old started to swerve into the other motorist’s lane.

According to officials, Bulltail pulled behind the motorist and crashed into the car as it slowed down. Both vehicles spun out of control and crashed off the side of the road in front of an apartment building, reports the Billings Gazette. Two other vehicles were hit in the wreck.

The Billings Gazette reports that Bulltail told police he hit the car on purpose, and that “he wasn’t going to let anyone disrespect him.” The man was arrested and charged with felony criminal endangerment and misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Bulltail’s blood alcohol content was 0.127, which is above the legal limit.

Information on Drunk Driving Crashes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 28 people die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver every day. In addition,

  • The cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion each year.
  • In 2014, 9,967 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes.
    • This accounts for 31 percent of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.
  • Sixteen percent of motor vehicle crashes involve drugs (legal or illegal) other than alcohol.

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