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Drunk Woman Crashes into Police Car, Flees Scene

glass of liquor sitting next to car keys

According to KPRC2, a woman under suspicion of driving drunk crashed her car into a police vehicle and drove away from the scene in Houston on Tuesday morning.

Officer Hospitalized with Minor Injury

Police say Parisha Shantal Blade was driving in the 10700 block of South Main around 1:00 a.m. when the accident occurred. A police officer noticed Blade’s car quickly approaching his own from the rear. He attempted to maneuver his patrol car out of the way, but Blade slammed into his car. According to KPRC2, Blade struck the rear passenger side of the police cruiser and crushed it into a concrete wall.

The officer attempted to detain the woman, but she took off in her vehicle. The officer, whose car had two flat tires, called in the incident. KPRC2 reports that Blade was apprehended shortly after and placed under arrest.

Blade, who was uninjured in the crash, was processed for driving while intoxicated and evading arrest in a motor vehicle, according to KPRC2. The police officer suffered a minor injury to his elbow and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Impaired Driving Statistics

The following information is provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

  • In 2014, 9,967 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States.
  • Alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities decreased by 1.4 percent from 2013 to 2014.
  • Alcohol-impaired-driving fatalities have accounted for 30 to 32 percent of all crash fatalities since 1995.
  • Over 1.1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics in 2014 (CDC).

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