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Elderly Woman Dies in Weather-Related Crash in San Antonio

Police in San Antonio are saying that torrential rains and speed were the causes of a crash that killed an elderly woman on Tuesday.

Details about the Crash in San Antonio

The accident happened around 4:15 p.m. on the 6100 block of Babcock Road near Hollyhock Road.

Police say that a truck went through a traffic light and t-boned a red car that was turning onto Babcock. The driver of the red car, 71-year-old Josepha Harvey, was taken to University Hospital with major injuries where she later died.

Police further stated that they do not believe alcohol or drugs played a factor in the accident, but that wet roads and excessive speed were the main causes. At this time, it is not known whether or not the driver of the truck will face any charges.

Important Information about Driving on Slick Roads

If you know you are going to be driving on wet roads, AAA says that you should:

  • Do what you can to avoid using cruise control – using cruise control in wet conditions can increase your chances of losing control of your vehicle. Avoiding cruise control grants the driver more control over their vehicle.
  • How to respond to a skid – make sure to look and steer into the direction in which you want the car to go and do what you can to avoid slamming on the brakes which might upset the balance of the vehicle while in a skid.
  • Slow down – above all, slow down during wet weather driving. This can be critical in reducing the car’s chances of hydroplaning. If at all possible, drive on the tracks of the vehicle in front of you.

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