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Why Do Insurance Companies Request a Recorded Statement?

Personal injury attorneys are familiar with the tactics used by insurance adjusted to dismantle the credibility of injured victims. An experienced attorney will help you outline a statement that accurately details the facts of an accident.

The attorney will also help identify questions that are meant to erode you claim and coach you on how to provide your statement in a concise way that leaves no room for interpretation.

Your attorney may also recommend that you:

  • Request the statement not be recorded
  • Avoid volunteering information
  • Avoid personal information
  • Avoid long explanations
  • Provide a firm “I don’t know” when you don’t know something, as opposed “maybe” or “I guess that’s possible”
  • Not answer questions unless you are absolutely sure what is being asked
  • Avoid admitting fault
  • Do not respond to any potentially leading statements or questions, even if they seem polite or innocent on the surface (i.e. How are you feeling?, I hope your back is feeling at least a little better, or Wow, it’s a miracle you weren’t more seriously injured).
  • Provide a statement that preempts contributory negligence (i.e. I was traveling within the posted speed limit free of distraction and had the right-of-way when the crash occurred).

Finally, if your attorney determines that providing a recorded statement is not in you best interest, they may advise that you forgo submitting a statement all together.

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