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Why Is the Insurance Adjuster Requesting My Medical Records?

When the request for your medical records is first made, it may seem entirely reasonable. After all, you are seeking compensation for the injuries you sustained in the accident, and the adjuster says the medical records will help “verify” what injuries occurred.

What the adjuster is leaving out is the fact that by allowing this medical release, you may be granting the insurance company access to your entire medical history. Unless a medical release is precisely worded, the insurance company will be permitted to review all of your medical records, not just those linked to your accident, for ways to dispute your claim to compensation.

The company hopes your records will include information regarding a pre-existing medical condition or a prior accident that your newly sustained injuries can be blamed on. The insurance company may even argue that your current injuries are not related to the accident in question at all!

If the adjuster wants access to your medical records, contact an attorney familiar with personal injury law. An experienced attorney will work with you to ensure that only the facts pertinent to your claim are released and that any details that you would not like publicly revealed remain confidential.

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